The Fitness First Guide To Choosing Your Cardio Exercises

Cardio is like a pair of shoes, one size does NOT fit all. Fitness First has witnessed people time and again quit the bike or treadmill simply because it does not work out for them. What is worse than this is enduring a form of cardio that you do not enjoy, this will ultimately undermine your goals. So in this guide we advise you to find a form that you enjoy and does not feel like a soul-sucking exercise.

Here are some factors to consider when picking your cardio:

Lifestyle and Convenience

Lifestyle and Convenience - GymMembershipFeesYour lifestyle will greatly affect how well you can engage in a certain from of cardio. If you are high powered executive, you might not have time for long walks or runs, but brief intense periods in the gym may work better for you. On the other hand if you have more time on your hands, long walks or runs may be just the thing for you.

Personal Preference

Finding a cardio exercise that you like will make or break your goals of weight loss or reaching that target heart rate. Sticking with the elliptical despite the fact that you find it boring will cause you to quit eventually. Exercise should be fun, only then can we hope to achieve our goals by sticking with them.


As much as you want to run for your cardio, if your doctor says take it slow, you should take it slow. Diseases like congestive heart failure predispose individuals to weak hearts that cannot stand to be pushed beyond their limits, so maybe you can stick to a short walk. If you are elderly, the risk of osteoporosis and arthritis are high and high impact cardio can be punishing on your joints. Thus safety must always be a consideration.

Now that we know what to consider prior to making our choices, what are the exercises available to us.


Walking is wonderful for beginners who want to start slow, or if you need a low impact exercise due to age or health restrictions. It is very safe and needs minimal supervision. The only problem is that it requires a lot of focus to achieve target heart rates.


This is excellent for those seeking to lose weight, as it melts fat very rapidly. It is also great for keeping your heart rate up. However, because it is a high impact exercise, it can be very hard on those with musculoskeletal diseases. To start this, just hop on that treadmill next time you are in a Crunch Fitness Gym or you can take it outside.


Cycling is fun and easy to start. However, hoping onto a bike and riding off may not count as cardio. You need to put in resistance, it is for this reasons that we encourage people to get a gym instructor who can help them achieve their cycling goals with an indoor bike. As an added bonus, cycling is low impact so it is very safe.

If you decide you want an outdoor exercise, running, biking and walking are excellent options. If you opt for a gym or a home environment, indoor bikes, ellipticals, the treadmill and rowing machines will do the trick. Other cardio exercises to supplement your current routine include jumping rope, burpees and running in place. Swimming also offers great cardio benefits, and can be done outdoors or indoors.

Fitness First offers great equipment and trainers to help you achieve your desired goals. When you start they will tailor your routine to your desires. So why not swing by their facilities and set down the path to a healthier you.

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