The Boot Camp Babe Workout


Military-like training is not just for men. There are a lot of women who join boot camp workouts in parks and gyms like Fit Body Boot Camp. They recognize that having a tough time is sometimes necessary to get the results that they want, even if it means maximum exhaustion at the end of each session.

A Smarter and Tougher Troup

The basic principles have changed. Testing endurance through a long run, or evaluating upper-body strength through pushups is no longer the norm. Mobility exercises, explosive power moves, and speed work are now incorporated in the routines. They are designed so that participants can become less prone to injury, less fatigued, and become faster and stronger.

These women are trained like athletes. They are always kept on their toes to improve mental and physical toughness, with the goal of building them all up for success.

Admittedly, this is not for everybody. Some people, especially if they are fine with their body and are not overweight, prefer light workouts. To determine if attending a boot camp is something you can give commitment to, try 30-minute exercises at home. If it gives you further encouragement, then go enroll with the drill sergeant.

Drills You Can Do at Your Backyard

These can be performed twice or thrice a week. The goal is to complete three rounds of the following (and in order) within 30 minutes. It will be a tough job so you need to up your speed, and only rest if you are dying for a breather. In just a month or two, you should notice the difference—you’ll be more powerful, flexible, and sculpted.

  1. 5 reps of The Inchworm. For the starting position, your feet should be hip-width apart. Fold your body forward and touch the floor. Crawl forward (hands walking away from the feet) until you’re in a pushup position. If needed, bend your knees slightly, and remember to keep the abdomen tight.

While in the pushup position, drop your hips while raising the chest toward the ceiling. Pause for a second before also raising the hips up until you’re back to the second position. Always remember to keep your legs straight. Finally, crawl your way backward until you’re standing again.

  1. 10 reps of deep lunge with rotation. Move your left foot forward, bend your left knee and torso forward, with both your hands placed on the floor, as if you’re going to sprint. The right leg should be kept nearly straight. To do the first rep, raise your left hand toward the ceiling by rotating your torso, and then reverse the movement, using your right arm this time.
  2. 10 reps of burpee. With arms at the sides and your feet shoulder-width apart as you stand, bend your knees while pulling your hips back. Lower the body into a squat. Place your hands on the ground and put pressure on them until they are carrying your weight. Jump your feet backward to get into a pushup position. Next, jump forward without moving your hands on the floor, and then stand up.
  3. Sprint shuttle. In an open space, place two markers apart by 50 yards. Between them, add three equally distant markers. From the first marker, sprint to the second marker, touch the ground, and sprint back to the first marker (also touch the ground). Do the same dash toward the others, always starting from the first one.
  4. 10 reps of kettlebell swing. Hold a kettlebell in front of you using both hands. Your feet should be hip-width apart and your knees slightly bent forward. Thrust your knees forward and swing the kettlebell as high as your shoulders and then back. Keep you core tight and your arms straight.
  5. 10 reps of kettlebell goblet squat. Hold the weight chest high with both hands. Your elbows should be pointing toward the ground. Lower your body by bending your knees, and then stop when the thighs are parallel to the ground (the knees should feel the brush of the elbows). Stand back up.
  6. 10 reps of renegade row. Start with the pushup position, with your feet slightly apart; each of your hand holding a dumbbell. Pull the left weight up until it reaches your ribcage, while ensuring that your hips are parallel to the ground and your core tight. Repeat the process with the right arm. Now that the first set is complete, perform two more sets.

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