The 3 Rs of Getting Back On Your Fitness Feet

When you first started your fitness plan, you were likely excited about it – what types of workouts you will enroll in at a 24 Hour Fitness gym, what fitness gear you’re going to wear, and what results you were expecting after a few weeks. But as time went on, you find your excitement waning until one day you wake up and dread exercise!  

Don’t panic just yet because it’s such a common occurrence among fitness enthusiasts. Your waning interest in fitness can be the result of a burnout, a plateau, or a busier schedule. Whatever the reason, you can find it in yourself to become excited about fitness again and here’s how.  

Revisit Your Past

Learning from the past is a great way to avoid future fitness backsliding and to kick start your enthusiasm. You have to ask yourself relevant questions like, “When and where did I start losing my excitement for exercise? What are the possible reasons why I started skipping my exercise classes?”

In answering these questions, you can determine the what, why and how of your next fitness plan. You can, for example, add more variety in your exercises instead of just focusing on Pilates and yoga.

Record Your Progress

You have to keep a fitness logbook, if you haven’t done so in the past, because it has multiple benefits. You can monitor your progress, for one thing, whether you’re on a weight loss program or a strength conditioning plan. You should track the types of exercises, their duration as well as their sets and reps, and your mood while exercising, among others.

You can also use the logbook to determine whether your new fitness plan is working for you instead of you working for it. You can, for example, note whether you feel better after a morning workout or an afternoon class.  

Realistic Goals Is the Way to Go

You may have fitness ambition as your driving force but keep in mind that you should set realistic goals. If you start in a too fast, too furious manner, you will likely find yourself under pressure and eventually succumbing to it.

You may have to reset your goals so that these are more realistic. You can then build on your small successes until such time that you will find yourself a success in getting back on your fitness feet. You can, for example, aim for a half-marathon but start with more manageable steps like easy runs followed by cross-training later on.

And don’t forget to have supportive family and friends by your side! You will have more fun with fitness when you aren’t being pressured into things you don’t want to do.

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