The 3 Cs of Getting Six-Pack Abs, Exercise-Wise

Many regular gym-goers at Anytime Fitness gyms take pride – and rightfully so – in their six-pack abs since these are among the most challenging to achieve. Most of them, furthermore, maximized their payment of the Anytime Fitness prices for membership and classes by being regulars. We cannot overemphasize the importance of combining cardio and strength training workouts in getting six pack-abs, and the importance of being consistent in your workouts.

Here are the tips that we believe are important in getting from Point A (flabby tummy) to Point B (six-pack abs) in the gym. Keep in mind, furthermore, that there are also diet and lifestyle components to your journey but these are discussed in other articles.

Compound Movements Are Key to Success

Keep in mind that every muscle in the body has interconnectedness in one way or another. As such, focusing on isolation exercises for the core muscles isn’t recommended. Think of it: Six-pack abs aren’t as nice to look at with love handle or as strong in practical terms with a weak back.

We then suggest compound movements that work several muscle groups at once. These include squats, deadlifts, and leg press, which have amazing effect on building your core muscles and other parts of your body. Plus, these exercises really do wonders for your strength!

Crunches and Planks Work

We have heard many people downplay the effectiveness of crunches, sit-ups and planks in getting six-pack abs, and we can’t blame them either. While these exercise aren’t the end-all and be-all of a toned tummy, these play a crucial role in building strength in your core muscles. These should then be incorporated in your training regimen if you want to get great results.

Ask any person with great core muscles about the effect of these exercises and the answer will likely be the same. These exercises will always be tough to perform no matter your fitness level! If you do 50 crunches in a row, for example, your core will feel the burn as if your muscles aren’t as trained as they already are.  

Cardio Is Just as Important

Of course, it isn’t necessary to spend hours on a cardio machine, whether it’s a treadmill or a rowing machine. But it’s essential to get your cardio exercises incorporated into your strength training program.

Why? Cardio exercises are useful in burning fat and calories, and you have to lose unwanted fat first in your body before you can go for muscle definition. Just don’t overdo the cardio exercises to the detriment of your strength training.  

If you’re not getting results despite your strength and cardio training program, then you’re likely overdoing it. You will also likely feel demotivated, burnout, and exhausted, which are signs of plateauing and your cue to take a break.  

If you want a safe and effective abs-centered training program, you should consider hiring a personal trainer, too. Your wallet shouldn’t take a hit since the Anytime Fitness prices are reasonable, not to mention that you can negotiate with the personal trainer for affordable rates.  

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