The 3 Biggest Benefits of Gym Workouts

Are you still undecided on whether or not to get membership at LA Fitness? Well if you are, you’re missing out on a lot since working out does a lot of good to your body. Even if you don’t plan on becoming a bodybuilder, there are a lot of benefits to working out in the gym.

Burn Calories

The more you work out, the more calories you burn. Burning calories reduces your weight and improves your body’s ability to fight diseases and improve genera health.

Working out won’t burn fats alone as you also need to go on a healthy diet. The combination of these two are steps to a healthy lifestyle and instrumental in getting rid of excess calorie. Once they’re gone, keep working out to maintain your figure.


Exercise enhances physical fitness. You become physically stronger, more flexible and less vulnerable to injury and fatigue. You’ll be better prepared to deal with stress, and your body’s physiological processes will improve.

When we think of fitness the first thing that comes to mind is the physical, i.e. muscles. But the benefits go beyond that as exercise is also good for blood flow. As your blood flow improves so the rest of your bodily functions as they all benefit.

To put it simply, better blood circulation is good for your heart. A healthy heart is able to ump out more oxygen and nutrients to the vital organs in your body. So not only do workouts make you look good on the outside, but they’re also great for your body’s inner workings too.

Build Muscles

For a lot of people this is what hitting the gym is all about, to get ripped, buffed and build up a muscular, attractive physique.

Lifting weights, HIIT, aerobics and resistance training all do their part in building muscles. As you work out, your body burns calories and fat. Exercise also speeds up your metabolism, getting rid of fat and building up muscles.

Working out at least 3 times a week leads to muscle growth, and the more you work out, the stronger you get. This allows you to lift even more weights.


Working out in the gym takes effort true, but the benefits are extensive and for the long term. So roll up your sleeves and head out to 24 Hour Fitness or another fitness club and stat pumping iron!

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