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Terry Crews may be nearing his 50s but he still looks fit and healthy for his age. Give credit to his athletic background—him being a former NFL linebacker—for Crews maintaining a very ripped physique. The Terry Crews workout has enabled him to sustain an impressive body, especially his famed chest and biceps.

Crews incorporates a lot of cardio exercises in his training program. Here is how Crews worked out in preparation for his role in The Expendables:

Below is Terry Crews workout routine:

Workout OptionsRepetition

Shoulders, Arms, Abs and Cardio

Upright Barbell Rows6
Power Clean and Jerk6
Romanian Deadlift6
Jump Squat6
Alternating Dumbbell Front Lateral Raise10
Arnold Dumbbell Press10
Lateral Raise10
Rear Dumbbell Flyes10
Hammer Dumbbell Curl10
Rotator Cuff10
Crunches and Leg Raises10
Treadmill (30 mins)1

Back and Cardio

Barbell Deadlifts30-40
Neck Pullups45
Side to Side Chin40
Reverse Barbell Row40
Machine Row40
Seated Row40
Treadmill Jog (30 mins)1

Chest, Arms and Abs

Power Clean and Jack30-40
Bench Press with Declining Reps30
Incline Bench Press30
Dumbbell Flye40
Dumbbell Bicep Curl40
Leg Raises30-40

Legs, Triceps and Abs

Barbell Squat40
Single Leg Press40
Calf Raises40
Hack Squat40
Close Grip Barbell Bench Press40
Leg Extension40

Monday: Shoulders, Arms, Abs and Cardio

Monday is reserved for working out the arms, shoulders and arms, as well as improving his cardiovascular endurance. He starts with a superset involving a set of upright barbell rows, power clean and jerk, Romanian deadlift, and jump squat. He’ll have to finish a set of these exercises with six repetitions.

Up next is a giant set, which he has to complete for four rounds with a 30 second rest in between each round. This set involves alternating dumbbell front lateral raise, Arnold dumbbell press, lateral raise, rear dumbbell flyes, Hammer dumbbell curl, and rotator cuff. He has to do 10 reps for each exercise.

Then there’s another giant set that involves one set to failure of crunches and leg raises, with a 30 second gap between each set.

Once he’s done with the second giant set, he’ll spend 30 minutes on the treadmill as part of his cardio workout.

Tuesday: Back and Cardio

The workout begins with four sets of barbell deadlifts, with repetitions starting at 10 and reduced by two for each succeeding set. So by the fourth set, the repetition would only be four. He then continues with three sets of pullups and a set of behind the neck pullups with 15 reps.

A giant set that includes side to side chin, reverse barbell row, machine row and seated row will work out the back. In this giant set, Crews is given only 30 seconds of rest in between each exercise. Repetitions would vary from 10 to 4, with Crews having to perform four sets for each exercise.

Once he’s done with the giant set, it is back to the treadmill for a 30 minute jog.

Wednesday is a relatively hushed day as it is devoted only to cardio exercises. Crews would usually spend 45 minutes on the treadmill running at 7 miles per hour.

Thursday: Chest, Arms and Abs

After a brief rest day, Crews goes back to the gym to work on his arms, chest, and abs. He begins with four sets of power clean and jack, with 30 seconds of rest between each set. He also does four sets of bench press with declining reps of 10, 8, 6 and four, and then four sets of incline bench press with the same number of repetitions.

After that is a superset consisting of four sets of dumbbell flyes and dumbbell bicep curl, with 10 reps for each exercise. There’s also a brief 30 second breather in between each set.

Another superset of pushups and dips comes next, with a 30 second rest between each set. He’ll have to finish a set of dips consisting of 15 repetitions and then four sets of pushups with 20 repetitions.

Then he’ll have to complete a giant set consisting of a set of crunches and leg raises. He’ll have to do both exercises until he could no longer do so. Then he ends the day with a 30 day cardio exercise on the treadmill.

Friday: Legs, Triceps and Abs

The workout on Fridays focuses on the legs, triceps and abs. It begins with four sets of barbell squat, with the first set having 10 repetitions. The number of reps is reduced by two in the succeeding sets so that he’ll only have to repeat the fourth set by four.

Next up is a superset that only gives Crews a 30 second rest in between each set. It begins with four sets of 10 reps of single leg press, followed by four sets of calf raises with 10 repetitions.

He continues with four sets of 10 reps of hack squat, and four sets of close grip barbell bench press. In that last exercise, the reps would decline by two starting at 10 for the first set. The last workout in this giant set is leg extension which he ha s to do 10x and four sets.

Then there’s a giant set that he has to accomplish, featuring one set to failure of crunches and one set to failure of leg raises. He’s allowed to rest for 30 seconds in between the sets. He then ends the workout by spending 30 minutes on a treadmill at a speed of 7 miles per hour.

So are you ready to get fit and healthy by following the Terry Crews workout?