Terrific (Yet Inexpensive) Gifts for Runners

Terrific (Yet Inexpensive) Gifts for Runners

Do you have a friend who’s an ardent runner? With the holiday season approaching, it’s time to think about an appropriate gift that will make your running buddy smile in appreciation. It doesn’t have to be super-expensive either, such as a year’s membership at a boutique gym like Equinox. Even with a budget of $25, you can find plenty of great items to give out as gifts for a runner:

Pro-Tec Spiky Massage Ball

This colorful spiky ball might look like a torture device, and truth be told, it’s not actually all that pleasant to use. Your buddy might just curse your name as they experience the pain of using it. But in the long run, they’ll thank you for this, because it’s super-effective in breaking up tight muscles after long runs. It offers a deep tissue massage for your feet, and it also works for the calves, shoulders, and your back.

It costs only $12 in most places, and in some other shops, it might even cost just $10.

Nathan StrobeLight

A lot of runners go running either very early in the morning or late at night, since their days are so busy. But running in the dark can be dangerous, as they can be hit by cars and bikes.

But that can be avoided with the Nathan StrobeLight. You just clip this on your waistband, and you’re good to go. A 2-pack of these only costs about $18, and they’re available in different colors. You won’t even notice it on you, since it’s so small and light.

Supergoop! 100% Mineral Sunscreen Stick

If you’re running under the sun, you need sunscreen. This is true even when it’s snowy and cloudy.

Some people might not use a sunscreen when running, fearing that the stuff might run into their eyes or that their sweat will just run it off. But neither of those things will happen with SuperGoop!, as it doesn’t run as much.

This is a high-SPF sunscreen that’s also water-resistant, and it will keep your skin healthy under the sun.

Buff Original Multifunctional Headwear

This is a very popular option for lots of runners, as it’s made from breathable material that won’t get soggy. It can wick away perspiration during the summer, and keep you warm during the colder months. You can wear this on your head to keep your long hair out of your face. But it also works as a sweatband on your wrist.

Nike Slim Running Waistpack

Even runners have to bring along everyday stuff, like the rest of us. These include their smartphone, ID, and maybe even a wallet or credit card so they can run errands even while running.

With this fanny pack, runners have a convenient way of bring along all these things without making it bothersome at all.

Feetures Merino 10 Ultra Light No Show Tab

First of all, runners need socks when they run. If you think that the socks look goofy when they’re running while wearing shorts, then why not give this “No Show” pair of socks as a gift?

This is made with merino wool, which is better than cotton socks. When cotton socks get wet, they can rub against the foot and cause painful blisters. But this all-natural merino wool will keep a runner’s feet dry, and it even regulates the temperature whether it’s cold or hot out.

It offers all the support and compression that a runner wants from a good pair of socks. And it even has a specifically anatomical design that’s custom-fit for each foot.

With these gifts, your runner friends will truly have a very merry holiday season!

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