Taking Control When You Fall Off The Fitness Wagon

Everybody falls off the fitness wagon no matter how dedicated he or she may have been about staying on it. Everybody also experiences similar feelings of disappointment and discouragement – and these are normal because every person has personal fitness goals. These feelings, however, can quickly become the mental quicksand that pulls down the affected person until there seems to be little to nothing that he or she can do about it.

Or is that true? If you have experienced these negative feelings, you shouldn’t think of it as the end of your fitness journey! Instead, you can slowly but steadily take back control and conquer these negative emotions.  

Acknowledge the Truth

There’s no sense in denying that, indeed, you have fallen off the fitness wagon – acceptance is key to moving forward, after all! You should also realize and accept several truths about your current situation.

First, falling off the wagon once in a while – or now and again, if you will – is a totally natural occurrence and, in a way, you should welcome it because it gives your body time to rest and recover. Plus, it’s an essential part of adopting healthy lifestyle habits that your mind and body may initially resist.  

Second, falling off the wagon provides the opportunity to learn from your mistakes – if you let it happen, of course. You should glean useful insights and apply them to your fitness plan so that you fall off the wagon less often.

Third, falling off the wagon allows you to deal with disappointment and discouragement in a better manner. You will find that the disconnection between what you planned and what you actually achieved can work to your advantage, if you let it.  

Accept these truths and you will likely find that falling off the wagon isn’t as bad as it seems!

Control What You Can

Don’t be discouraged by the apparent loss of control over your fitness plan. You can list down what you can actually control and can’t control, and then get back on the wagon using the former.

Generally speaking, you have control over these things:

  • Your expectations, from setting to achieving them
  • Your time, energy and effort spent on achieving your desired results
  • Your attitude and approach toward any challenges, resistance and issues standing in the way of your goals
  • Your flexibility toward your expectations and ambitions

You can, for example, get back on the fitness wagon by making an effort to discuss your situation with your 9 Round personal trainer or fitness instructor. Take back control one step at a time so that you can build on your achievements and get back your groove.  

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