Stroke and Kick: Swimming Your Way to Sexiness

To a lot of women, getting rid of body fat is a major issue. They want to be able to wear tight jeans, as well as hide the belly bulges when they try that body-hugging dress. With so many choices available, like Pilates, yoga, and a wide variety of cardio exercises, you may be unsure of which to take. But if you’re into something fun and unusual, why don’t you try swimming?

By exercising in the water, you’ll be able slim down and shape up by burning calories. You’ll also be able to firm the muscles in your body, as well as boost your metabolism. An hour’s worth of laps in the pool could make you feel like you’ve worked out the whole day. And with regular training, you won’t have to be a professional athlete to get that sexy, sculpted look you’ve always wanted.

With the number of health clubs with pools, you’ll sure find a place to have your training. If you live around Richmond, Virginia, you can go to a facility of American Family Fitness. They have great aquatics programs that you can choose from. They have group aquatic fitness classes, personal training, and private and semi-private lessons, among others.

Before you go, don’t forget to bring your goggles, cap, and swimsuit!


Swimming workouts will result in the toning of your body due to muscle recruitment and calorie burning. If you swim lightly for an hour, you can melt as much as 500 calories; but if you add vigor to your strokes and kicks, you can say goodbye to up to 700 calories. Furthermore, since water is hundreds of times heavier than air, you are having your resistance workout with every push, pull, and kick.

Aside from torching the calories, you are exercising your hips, shoulders, arms, core, glutes, and your core. You are also able to build lean muscles, which do their work in burning calories once you’re already seated and relaxed in your home.

The great thing about swimming is that you are able to keep your body away from injuries that usually happen in gyms, like torn muscles due to improper weight lifting. And as water neutralizes gravity, you are literally providing your joints a holiday as you dip into the water and become weightless. Unlike strength training or running, you can swim everyday and not risk any injury or experience any negative side effects.

This excellent exercise can keep your body young, and you can still do it even if you’re too old to cycle or to lift some weights. Health reports reveal that swimmers, compared to non-swimmers, have lower cholesterol levels, better blood pressure, cardiovascular performance, cognitive function, and a healthier central nervous system. People who regularly swim are said to be up to twenty years younger than their biological age.


Unfortunately for a lot of people, once they’ve tried the pool for ten minutes, they realize what a daunting task it can be. If you’re in the deep part and you get tired, either you float or you spend the last of your energy going to the other end of the pool. You had so much high hopes, but then you think about how much better your life would be by running on the treadmill while listening to music.

The reason people get tired easily is because the muscles and the cardiovascular system work differently in this surrounding. Your lungs have to make adjustments because you cannot simply inhale whenever you feel the need to breathe. Add to the fact that you’re working all you muscle groups, surely you will feel exhausted after a few minutes.

You have two choices. The first one is to learn how to swim in short segments. In these segments, you’ll have to use different drills, strokes, and intensities, and you will need to have proper rest in between (about 30 seconds).

The second choice is to join classes. As you are aware, classes are available in many facilities. You will have an instructor who will teach you the right ways to move those arms and legs, as well as how to count to be able to lift your head and breathe properly. You can have private lessons or you can join classes.

The good thing about classes is that your teammates will be able to teach you techniques that you could easily understand. You’ll also be able to inspire one another in finishing those laps. And when time comes that you’re all confident that you can dive and backstroke and breaststroke smoothly, you could have mini competitions to add to the fun.

Before you know it, swimming is already part of your routine and that you’ve achieved that flat stomach, and toned arms and legs.

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