Stop Slipping And Sliding During Yoga!

There’s no doubt that yoga makes your mind and body better! But there’s also denying that you will likely slip and slide while performing the poses, a common experience among yoga practitioners at YogaWorks.

Slipping and sliding isn’t just about literally falling flat on your face and possibly becoming the butt of jokes either. These can also decrease your concentration and your proper positioning as well as increase your risk of injury, such as when you’re on a handstand or a downward-facing dog pose.

Fortunately, there are easy and effective ways to stop slipping and sliding while in a yoga class!  

Soften Your Body

While consistent and correct yoga practice will make your body, especially your core, stronger, it will also make your body more flexible. With this in mind, you should soften certain parts of your body when slipping and sliding seems inevitable.

Soften your elbows and knees but only slightly. Your goal is to make yourself more movable such that when you’re slipping, you can make a graceful adjustment in your position. You’re basically swaying, not crashing to the ground.  

Use Your Hands and Feet

You should consider pulling the mat apart with your hands and feet so that there’s less risk of slipping and sliding on the floor. You can practice it at home so that by the time you get to the yoga studio, you have the technique down pat.  

You may also want to consider your downward-facing dog position. You may be sliding because it’s either too long or too short, and you can correct it by:

  • Slide forward into a plank position.
  • Lift your hips down and assume the down dog pose.
  • Bend your knees softly while keeping your hips pointed toward the sky.

You should resist the urge to move either your feet or your hands during the downward-dog position since you will be slipping otherwise.  

Invest in the Right Mat

If you want the best yoga experience every time, you should not only be wearing the right gear but also using the right mat.We suggest either a skid-less mat towel or a slip-resistant mat since these decrease the risk of slipping and sliding even on a slippery floor. Plus, a skid-less mat towel will absorb sweat so you don’t feel so icky.  

You may also consider sprinkling a few drops of water on your mat. Sprinkle water where your hands and feet will be on the mat, which will provide immediate grip. The texture will also create a more solid grip.  

You can also observe your yoga instructor and ask about other tips for not slipping and sliding.

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