Staying Active while Aging

As people grow older, they end to get tired faster. This is the reason why many people live sedentary lives when they grow old. Of course, it is easier to sit and relax in front of widescreen televisions than to go to gyms and exercise. However, not being active while you are aging may actually cause some problems.

Exercise is the key to healthy aging. If you will have regular exercise routines everyday, your body will get stronger and your aging process will slow down. Illnesses and possible injuries or falls may stop you from trying to have regular exercises. However, if you will not exercise, you will be more prone to injuries.

If you think that you are too old or too frail to exercise, you are wrong. Exercising is for all ages. Even if you are already disabled and you cannot stand down, there are still some exercises that you can do in your wheel chair.

Having exercise routines may be hard at first but when your body gets used to eat, it will be easier for you. Here are some of the benefits of staying active as you age:

  • cises Help You Maintain or Reduce Weight - GymMembershipFeesExercises Help You Maintain or Reduce Weight – If you stay on your chair all day, chances are you will gain weight. Old adults have slower metabolism. It is harder to burn fat at this age. This is the reason why you should maintain a healthy weight in order to improve over all wellness.
  • Exercise Relieves Stress – Yoga, Pilates, and other similar exercises can help you relieve stress. Also physical activities like running, is one of the best ways to overcome sadness.
  • Exercise will Help You Avoid Illnesses and Chronic Diseases – Exercise helps in improving immune, heart, respiratory, and digestive functions. Old adults who regularly exercise have lower risks of having heart attacks and kidney failures.
  • Exercise will Improve Your Sleep – Older people usually sleep less. Exercising regularly will help you sleep on time.
  • Exercise will Improve Self-confidence and Social Behavior – Exercising regularly can help you develop confidence especially in front of other people. Exercising in gyms or groups will help you build stronger relationships. 

There different kinds of exercises that you can do. Do not restrict yourself to just one activity. Here are some exercises that can be done by old adults:

  • Walking and Running – These exercises are really good for the heart. They are very easy to do and they do not require any equipment. Walking and running daily can improve the strength of your knees and legs.
  • Swimming – This exercise is really good for improving the functions of your lungs. It is really fun and safe to do for the elderly. Just be careful of muscle cramps.
  • Aerobics – This perhaps is the most common type of exercise for old people. You can enjoy dancing to fun tunes while you can socialize with people of the same age. This exercise is good for your heart and lungs.
  • Yoga – If you need to relieve stress, yoga is the best for you. Just ask your instructor to give you simple moves. This exercise is good for old adults who are not strong enough to do tiring activities like running or aerobics. This can also be done by old people with disabilities.

If you plan to start a new exercise routine, do not be afraid to go to gyms and fitness centers. There are some centers like Life Time Fitness or 24 Hour Fitness, who are elderly-friendly. Their instructors can help you create an exercise routine that is right for your age. If you have friends who are near your age, you can also invite them to exercise with you so you can stay healthy together.

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