Some Things Have To Change for Sustained Weight Loss

In many ways, the easy part in weight loss is actually losing the excess pounds and the hard part is keeping them off. Sustained weight loss isn’t easy because there’s hitting a plateau, facing food temptations, and getting tired from the exercises, even being complacent that the needle on the scale will stay on the same number every time you step on it.

But here’s the thing about sustained weight loss: You have to work harder at it than you worked at your initial weight loss. You also have to change a few crucial things about yourself since nearly everything in your life starts with your mindset.

Change Your Relationship with Food

You will obviously need food for fuel no matter the type of diet you’re on, be it a keto diet, an Atkins diet, or a Paleo diet. But in order to sustain your weight loss success, you have to slowly yet surely change your relationship with it.

No, we’re not saying that you actually talk to your food as if you’re in a relationship with another human being. Instead, you have to change your view of food in a way that benefits your body and brain.

We can sum a healthy relationship with food in this manner: Do eat so that you can live. Don’t live to eat.

Food should be a source of nutrition, as aspect of life that keeps you alive and well. Food shouldn’t a way to comfort yourself, to get over stress, and to show off your talent, whatever that may be.

Change Your Self-image

Sadly, many people who have lost weight and gained a slimmer physique still aren’t happy with their body and it’s partly because their weight loss reasons aren’t exactly right. Keep in mind that whatever you do, you have to do it because it will make you happy about yourself, not because it will make others happy.

This also applies to weight loss. You have to ask yourself, “What are my reasons for trying to lose weight?” If you’re doing so because you want to be healthier, be sick less often, and be able to enjoy more physical activities, then you’re in the right place. But if you’re doing so because you want to please your partner, perhaps prevent him or her from cheating with sexier people, then take a step back and reconsider.

You have to work on increasing your self-confidence and self-acceptance, either before undergoing weight loss or during the process.  You will likely be happy and content with whatever your results are because you’re confident about who you are, lean or not.

You may also have to change your relationships with others, especially your family and friends. If necessary, you may have to limit your contact or completely cut off people who like to put you down based on your weight. Better yet, be around positive people at Life Time Fitness who understands your journey.

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