Smart Fitness Mirror – Is It Worth the Price?

The thought of having to look at yourself as you exercise may not appeal to everyone but there are those who do like to admire their reflection in huge mirrors. This is why gyms like Gold’s Gym have mirrors everywhere. But about mirrors that not only let you watch yourself working out but also actually help you achieve your fitness goals?

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to the smart fitness mirror. These mirrors have lengths of 6 feet or higher and they come with a built-in computer that you connect to the Net and can also be converted into a video screen. Some of these have speakers and cameras too so that your every move can be assessed by the trainer.

The concept of smart fitness mirrors is that you connect to a professional fitness trainer who you will see on the mirror/screen together with your own reflection. The touch-screen mirrors may be outfitted with several sensors that are connected to an AI which in turn can give feedback on your movements, and even recommend improvements. You have the option to enroll in one to one coaching lessons or choose a group class instead. You can also choose your specific workouts such as yoga, cardio, Pilates and so on.

A smart fitness mirror can go for at least $1500 to several thousands of dollars depending on the bells and whistles it is equipped with. You also need to pay a monthly subscription fee for the trainer.

The exercise mirror can come in handy for those who are too busy to go to the gym, but would still like to be able to achieve their fitness goals. Besides, since the beginning of the pandemic people have not only been working from home but they’ve also been working out from home so adding this piece of technology to your home gym may be a good idea – assuming you have the budget for it.

On the other hand, while a home gym might work for those with a lot of extra space in their home such as a spare room or a big garage, it’s definitely not for everyone. People living in tiny apartments in big cities have barely enough space to fit their stuff.

How It Works

Smart fitness mirrors display a professional trainer on the mirror/screen who will then coach you or lead you in your workout. These mirrors will enable you to see yourself as well as your trainer, allowing you to self-correct or make improvements to your form, among others. Then there are also fitness mirrors that don’t necessarily function as a mirror but rather, they have AI-powered recommendations that will tell you how you can improve your technique and form.

Most fitness mirrors only require a few feet of wall in order to be mounted. However, you’ll need a bit of space so you can comfortably workout.

Is It Worth Buying?

Most fitness mirrors copy the vibe of a fitness studio where you have a trainer, high energy music and guided exercises. If you don’t have the time to go to a gym then it may make sense to get a fitness mirror instead. Besides, the bulk of the cost is only the purchase of the mirror. Once you have this equipment in your home, you’re only likely to shell out less than $50 per month for your fitness subscription. With fitness studios on the other hand, memberships could cost over a hundred dollars a month. In the long run, you could save money with a smart fitness mirror.

All of the fitness mirrors on this list require a separate monthly or yearly subscription to access live and on-demand content. These memberships usually run around $30 to $40 per month, but it is an additional cost to consider. In short, workout mirrors will be worth it for people who will actually use them on a regular basis and can justify the ongoing monthly membership costs.

There are several good brands available. There’s the Mirror which has very well polished classes powered by no less than Lululemon and it also offers personal training. Then there’s Tonal which is great for those who enjoy strength training. Tempo also has free weights and use AI sensors to analyze and correct your form.

Smart fitness Mirror, and think it’s worth the price

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