Skinny Men’s Techniques in Adding More Muscles

Skinny men are scientifically known as ectomorphs. They do not have the capacity to gain pounds the easy and fast way. Most are thin because this is their body type, and not because they don’t train hard enough. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot achieve the body of your dreams. Perform the following exercises regularly, and you’ll be amazed to see muscles slowly being added to your skinny frame.

You must do these exercises three times a week, resting a day in between sessions. Try to squeeze in variations within sets and repetitions. For instance, on the first day, you complete 5 sets of 5 reps for every lift, getting rest 2 minutes in between sets. Enjoy a rest day on Tuesday. On Wednesday, perform 4 sets of 10, pausing for 90 seconds in between. Rest on Thursdays. Fridays, perform 3 sets of 15 repetitions, resting for 60 to 90 seconds in between.

1. Squat

Squat-GymMembershipFeesPlace your barbell on the support of the squat rack. Go underneath the barbell while squeezing the shoulder blades together, allowing the bar to touch your upper trapezoids. Grab hold of the bar as close to you as possible while maintaining a comfortable position.

Take the bar from the rack as you make 2 to 3 steps to the back. Feet should be standing wider than the shoulder width, while toes are turned outward. Remember to breathe deeply while you bend the knees as far back. Also, keep an ache down your lower back. You knees should be properly bent as well.

Finally, lower the body as far as possible, trying to squat up to the point where the thighs are parallel to the ground. Explode back to start position. This constitutes one full rep.

2. Clean and Press

Place your barbell down on the floor. Crouch to grab the barbell with your hands at shoulder width. The lower back must be in its natural arch position. Stand up explosively while shrugging the bar, while coming up into the balls of your feet.

As the barbell is raised to chest level, flip your wrists so that the palms face upward, while the upper arms are positioned underneath of a shoulder press. Next move is to press the barbell straight overhead. Motion must be reversed in order to return the bar onto the ground. This constitute one whole rep.

Avoid rounding the back as you pull the barbell off the ground. You can do this by raising the bar initially over your knees. Pull the weight up from this point.

3. Pull-ups

Hold a pull-up bar via overhand grip, with your hands positioned shoulder-width. Allow the body to freely hang. Pull your body up to the point where the chin is beyond the bar. Next, lower back your body to starting position. This is one repetition.

Add more weight with the use of a belt or holding a light dumbbell in between the feet. You must perform sets of five within five days. Use an exercise band in order to perform more repetitions.

Eating well along with your routine build more muscles

  1. List down your current diet, that is, the kind of food that you eat. This will help you tally your current calories. Based on these figure, add more servings to the meal. A maximum of two additional meals in a day means adding 500 more calories that will help you add more weight and beef up.
  1. It is a known fact that protein is a substance vital to the creation of muscles. You need lots of muscles in order to bulk up your body. Protein is needed in order to see significant results in your bodybuilding efforts. Hence, if you’re thin, try to consume different kind of food that contains valuable, quality protein.

To be specific, try to consume a maximum of 1 gram of for every pound of your total body weight every day. For instance, of you weigh 120 pounds, it is a must that you consume a maximum of 120 grams of quality protein.

  1. Not all fats are bad. The unhealthy ones are saturated; too much of these fats can cause heart disease. You can take advantage of fats in healthy form. Known as unsaturated fats, they are commonly found in seeds, nuts, and certain oil sources. Try to consume as much as 120 calories a serving; this amount will help you build sufficient amount of fuel needed to build the muscle that you need to bulk up your body.

Major gyms like Title Boxing Club and CKO Kickboxing advise skinny men to try these moves that will work on their underdeveloped bodies, after which they should go straight to the kitchen and eat the appropriate food. Doing so will ensure complete success in their muscle building goal.

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