Should You Exercise With a Hangover?

So you went partying last night and now you’re wondering if it’s ok to exercise. You probably have the typical hangover symptoms – nausea, headache, dizziness. Experts say it’s alright to hit the gym with a hangover but you need to avoid intense workouts and make sure you follow these tips:

1. Replace lost fluids and electrolytes.

Too much alcohol can drain your body of fluids, electrolytes and essential minerals. And you probably know the importance of proper hydration when working out. So be sure to replenish fluids so your body can cool itself and allow your muscles to function properly during and after hitting the gym. So hours before you start working out, drink fluids, eat some easy to digest food (like fruits) and even take supplements (potassium, magnesium, etc.).

2. Get your blood pumping.

I’m not suggesting going for a 5-mile run before your workout session. Instead, take a cold or lukewarm shower just to jumpstart your blood circulation before you head to Bodyplex. You can walk or go for an easy run for 15-20 minutes.

3. Do some stretching.

Stretching also boosts your blood circulation while at the same time warm up your muscles.  Get your body moving by doing a few yoga poses prior to your actual workout session.

One good pose to try is the standing forward fold. Simply stand up with both feet hip-distance apart. Place your hands on your waist and gently fold your body forward from the hips. Then let your head and arms hang loose in front of you. Take a few breaths and return to standing position.

Another yoga pose to try is the child’s pose. Go down on your hands and knees. Place both knees underneath your hips and lean backwards so that your glutes are above your heels. Keep your head down on the ground, and your arms relaxed. Stay in this pose for a few seconds with slow deep breaths.

Things to Remember About Drinking Alcohol

If you want to up your game, you might want to avoid drinking alcohol regularly. Here are the reasons:

1. It contains plenty of calories.

Each gram of alcohol has approximately 7 calories. Half a liter of beer has over 200 calories, while a serving of pina colada has 400 calories. And who drinks just 1 bottle of beer or 1 glass of cocktail, anyway? That’s not all. People who like to drink alcohol also end up eating high calorie foods.

2. It slows down your recovery.

Alcohol slow down the restoration of glycogen stores which can negatively affect your recovery after a workout.

3. It leads to dehydration.

Drinking alcohol can affect the mineral balance in your body and also cause muscle cramps because your body lacks fluids. If you have to drink, follow up each serving with a glass of water.

4. It affects sleep quality.

Large amounts of alcohol consumed a few hours before bedtime may affect the quality and quantity of your sleep. And as you know, sleep is very important for the rest and recovery of your body.

There’s nothing with the occasional night out with friends or your partner. Drinking in moderation and as infrequently as possible is not a problem. However, if you drink nearly every day and you have plans to up the ante on your fitness, you might want to rethink your priorities.

Here are other effects of alcohol on your fitness:

Alcohol Effects on Fitness

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