Seven Highly-Recommended Gym Machines and Equipment for the Ladies

You’re a lady who eagerly wants to try working out. Imagine yourself entering World Gym — seeing all those machines and equipment can be somewhat overwhelming, and even terrifying.

If you’re a beginner and you are unsure which among all the gym facilities are women-friendly, take time to read this. Here’s a feature rounding up seven popular workout machines for the ladies.

Stationary Bike

Composed of pedals, saddle and handlebars, a stationary bicycle is one surefire way if you want to give off some healthy sweat. It is popular for many gym-goers, especially for the ladies, because of the safe, low-impact yet great cardiovascular exercise it offers.

If you want to firm up and burn those unwanted fats, you might want to try this machine. Additional tip: 30-second bursts with moderate pace in between are proven to be an effective combo to fire up the fat-burning process.


This machine could the be the single most popular gym facilities of all time. Its versatility is very appealing, specifically to women who eyes to shed off weight and get leaner.

Treadmill gives you the liberty to set our own speed and even inclination. And while tapping various muscle groups in the process, you are also burning stubborn fats. It’s hitting even more than two birds with one stone.

Leg Press

Leg presses are gym staples. This type of machine makes a great alternative for many lower extremity exercises.

If you want to work your thigh muscles, extend your knees against the resistance. If you’re aiming to strengthen your butt, extend your hips. Depending on the training you are performing, this supermachine can be used to develop the size and strength of your lower body muscles.

Smith Machine

Afraid of free weights and barbells? Smith machine’s got your back. Composed of a vertical bar attached within steel rails, this offers you a wide range of workouts. You can do shoulder presses, and even squats!

Hack Squat

Apart from the leg press, the hack squat is another option if you, like any other ladies, want to tone your lower body.

To use this facility, you must place your back against its back pad. Next, put your shoulders on the shoulder pads and let your feet touch the platform. Lower the weights found on a bar located above your shoulders. Bend your knees and raise the weights.

Pull-up Assist

Even at more than one glance, pull-ups seem to be extremely difficult. But thanks to this equipment, fitness buffs are now offered a wonderful starting point.

How does this work? The pull-up assist machine offsets your weight; therefore you will find it easy to lift your own body upwards. Over time, you can increase the weight that you are pulling, until such period that you can execute that one longed-for pull-up on your own.

Water Rower

Want to have a total body workout? Try water rower. This machine allows your body to resemble a rowing motion, as how its name implies — you sit in the equipment, put your feet on the footrests, grab a handle and start to move up and back.

With this facility, you are pushing your lower body and pulling your upper body — a great formula towards having an effective total body exercise.

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