Setting a Smart Workout Challenge

We see one too many people setting up a workout challenge for themselves and going about it in the wrong way. This is such a shame as workout challenges can be used as a tool to determine your current fitness level, such as your strength, endurance and stamina. These can also be used as an effective and efficient method to enhance your fitness level and, thus, get to the next level.  

Here are a few thoughts about setting a smart workout challenge for yourself. We also suggest discussing the details of your challenge with your personal trainer at In-Shape Gym for best results. You will find that he will agree with all of the tips discussed here, too.

Train Hard, Train Smart

Setting a workout challenge combines art and science for the best results. Art comes in the form of cool and creative combinations of movements. Science comes into the picture as a basic yet effective understanding of physical anatomy and biomechanics, among others. You have to avoid confusing cool and creative with crazy and dangerous, thus, the combination.  

When you train smart, you are also more likely to train harder. You will then increase your chances of getting your desired results, even exceed your stated goal.

Train as a Unique Individual

You must never, furthermore, undergo a workout challenge just for the sake of doing so, even when it means finally beating your closest competitor. Always keep in mind that your best competition is with yourself alone – when you can achieve your own goals, you are a winner, regardless of the Joneses in the industry.  

In fact, the best personal trainers devise physical challenges that are suitable for the individual. Even in many standardized challenges, these are usually adjustable depending on the age, physical level, and fitness goals of each person.

If you’re mimicking the workout challenge of your neighbor, for example, then you’re doing something wrong. Eventually, your body will also be sending signals that it’s time to change tack, usually when you have already been injured.

Train Based on Important Variables

Your physical challenge shouldn’t be your own destruction, so to speak. You have to train based on a few important variables so that you don’t end up in the emergency room.

  • Total volume in terms of the number of sets and reps
  • Total eccentric contractions in each type of movement
  • Total time spent on the challenge

The bottom line: Don’t just plunge into a physical challenge for any reason! You have to ensure that you’re actually on the right challenge at the right time.  

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