Say Hello to Toned Arms Without the Jiggle

Who says you have to lift heavy weights to beat your jiggling arms? You can get sleek, sculpted and tone arms worthy to be flaunted in sleeveless tops, bikinis, and strapless dresses with a few easy-to-do exercises.  Plus, you will only require your own body weight, a set of 2-pound hand weights, and a jump rope, which you can get from commercial gyms like Bally Total Fitness.

Keep These Tips in Mind

Before performing the workout program, you should keep these important tips in mind.

  • Always perform warm-up exercises to reduce the risks of injury and to get your mind and body in the mood.
  • Start with skipping rope, which will not only kick-start the routine but will also exercise your arm muscles first before lifting weights.
  • Count in terms of seconds instead of reps.
  • Perform each move in succession without resting for 60 seconds and then repeat two more times.
  • Perform these exercises 3 times a week.  

In a month, you should be able to see more toned arms!  

Keep This Routine

You should adopt this routine according to its order for best results for the first month and then switch the moves to confuse your arm muscles.  

  • Skip rope with its focus on the shoulders

Begin by skipping rope and establish a rhythm; be sure to skip as low as possible so that the rope only passes beneath your feet. Slowly extend your arms to your sides while still jumping rope and continue for 60 seconds. Think of it as making big circles with your arms.

  • Push-up with focus on the shoulders, chest and triceps

Assume a push-up position with your feet together and your hands spaced wider than your shoulders’ width; your fingers should be pointing out to the sides. Tilt to your right while bending your right elbow, return to the starting position, and repeat on your left arm. Perform the set for 60 seconds or until you feel tired.  

  • One-arm triceps dip for working the triceps

Sit on the floor with your feet flat on the floor, your knees bent, and your feet and legs pressed together. Place your hands a foot or so behind your back but be sure to keep your palms shoulder-width apart and your fingers pointing toward your buttocks.

Straighten your arms slowly until your buttocks are raised off the floor. While bending your left elbow, slowly lower your buttocks as close to the floor as possible but avoid touching it. Straighten your left arm and then repeat on the other side. Do these steps for 60 seconds.
You may also add weighted punches, wrist rotations, and floor pull-ups.

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