Popular Kitchen Concepts and Layout Trends in 2023

Popular Kitchen Concepts and Layout Trends in 2023

Over the years, the desired trend and concept of the kitchen have changed, but the desire to maintain things -things are easy to use and beautiful does not change. There are many new kitchen trends and concepts that have appeared in recent years, but there are many trends that remain the most popular choice until now and maybe next year.

Kitchen Layout Ideas

The design and shape of your kitchen is the most important thing in making sure your kitchen works in an efficient way.

1. Open concept floor

The most significant trend currently is open concept floor plans. More and more people choose an open kitchen, dining room or living room. This allows everyone to interact together while still having personal space. And this concept can also be predicted to be very popular in 2023.

The specialty is that you can easily cook and entertain your guests simultaneously.

Another reason is to make the house look bigger by removing the wall. This opens space visually. This is also the reason why Denver Kitchen Remodeling Company “Schwalb Builders” likes open concept floor plans.

2. Kitchen-shaped L.

In this layout, the designer regulates kitchen equipment, cabinets, and counters in the form of “L” along the walls perpendicular to the corner.

The L -shaped design for the kitchen is usually made by considering the space allocated to the area. There is a certain floor plan that is not in accordance with the renovation of the L -shaped kitchen only due to lack of space.

When you plan to use an L-shaped design plan in building your own kitchen, you first need to consider how much floor space you have. This type of kitchen design usually requires a larger central area compared to other types.

The positive side is that the L -shaped kitchen it can also be a good area for a mini bar if you don’t want to put a simple top counter in the middle.

Ideas to consider when thinking about the kitchen layout

Each kitchen layout has a good element that works well, but the most suitable layout for you must be based on your personal needs and desires be sure to consider the idea when thinking about which layout should be chosen.

1. Consider the available space

For example, you may have an area that is suitable for U -shaped kitchens, but you need additional storage and seats. Maybe an island will work in the middle of the room.

2. Make a functioning triangle

Make sure when designing your kitchen to have an efficient kitchen work triangle. This is the distance between the most used equipment, stove/oven, refrigerator, and sink. Each triangle foot must be between four and nine feet. For the most efficient and best use of space, the total distance for all feet should be no less than 13 feet and no more than 26 feet.

3. Reduce traffic through the kitchen

Of course, the kitchen will be a busy place. However, as far as you can, try to keep the main preparation area free from traffic.

4. Dining Room

The kitchen is the most important place to prepare food, but also where people eat. Consider adding tables and chairs, dinner, or islands for additional seating.

Questions that are often asked

What is the future kitchen trend?

Copper front cabinets, for example, are modern additions to kitchen design and because they are a passionate ending touch, they will develop a beautiful patina from time to time. But the brass cabinet is the top favorite for 2023 and paired with natural materials such as wood giving this industrial kitchen finishing style a softer appearance.

What is the best kitchen renovation company?

Schwalb Builders is one of the most popular kitchen renovation companies in Denver and now many are aware of it even outside the Denver area.

What was the kitchen like in 2024?

The farmhouse kitchen has been very large for the past ten years, but from 2020-to 2024 we will see a more modern aesthetics in the kitchen. “Think about clean lines and wooden layers, without carvings or haphazard decorations, very SLE.

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