Peloton Alternatives You Check Out

Peloton Alternatives You Check Out

Peloton has become a buzzword in the world of fitness. It has built a reputation for making excellent indoor bikes. But for those of us who don’t want to shell out thousands of dollars on a bike, well, there are Peloton alternatives that are worth considering. Here are the indoor bike options that come highly recommended:

Bowflex C6

While most indoor bikes require memberships to make full use of the equipment the Bowflex C6 is different. It uses Bluetooth to pair with different exercise apps. This spin bike looks slimmer than bikes in the same price range, but it feels sturdy and is also pretty quiet. There are toe cages on the pedals but you can also use your clip-in cycling shoes on it.

The bike’s control panel automatically switches on as soon as you start pedaling and you’ll see 6 key metrics: calories, time, distance, speed, resistance level and pulse. This equipment has a rechargeable forearm monitor, along with two 3-pound weights and two bottle holders.

Echelon Smart Connect Bike EX3

Echelon’s Smart Connect EX3 is as close as you can get to the Peloton indoor bike experience minus the hefty price tag. It has a very similar class structure, with both on-demand and live classes. You can get the bike with a full year subscription for $1,200 (nearly a thousand dollars cheaper than the most basic Peloton bike and subscription).

The EX3 does not have its own touchscreen display so you’ll need to connect your tablet to it. But what’s good about this is that you can use it to read books, stream Netflix etc while working out.

NordicTrack S15i

NordicTrack’s S15i makes use of a mechanical shaft to simulate the uphills and downhills of an actual ride. In addition, your trainer or virtual-ride leader can modify the incline and resistance levels of your bike remotely. The flywheel is quiet however the rest of the bike including the built-in fan can be loud especially when you’re adjusting the bike. It also comes with a 15-inch touchscreen where you can view your workouts and classes.  But the interface is not so good and can be slow and jerky. On the upside, there are live classes you can join. Subscription is free for the first month and then you pay $39/month after.

Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike

The 270 Recumbent Bike is made of carbon steel and weighs only 87 pounds (Peloton is 135 pounds). The Schwinn does not have an interactive touchscreen display, but it has 2 backlight LCD screens that show performance metrics. The bike has 29 workout programs and 25 resistance levels.

The Heat Rate Control workout programs keep track of your heart rate and adjust the workout to make sure your heart rate is maintained. This recumbent bike lacks many modern features but it gives you a comfortable ride and a good workout for less than $700.

Concept2 BikeErg

The Concept2 company uses the same technology from its rowing machines for its bikes, including the performance monitor and flywheel. The BikeErg has a 68-pound aluminum frame so it’s lightweight yet sturdy with a 300 pound weight limit.

The Concept2 BikeErg has a price tag of $990 and uses a damper air resistance system with 10 levels so your workouts are smooth and quiet. You can adjust the airflow to the flywheel quickly, similar to how you would change gears on a regular bike. The clutched flywheel spins when the pedals stop so you can have resting periods and easy intervals.

Its multi-functional LCD and PM5 performance monitor is battery powered and offers built-in programs. It also comes with the Concept2 ErgData app that helps you monitor and record your workouts.

With both ANT+ wireless connectivity and Bluetooth technology, the PM5 monitor connects to devices like 3rd party apps and heart rate belts.

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