Outstanding Online Fitness Classes to Try in 2023

Outstanding Online Fitness Classes to Try in 2023

Even when the Covid pandemic is largely over at this point, it’s still understandable if you’d rather work out at home instead of going to the nearby Powerhouse gym. It’s not just about avoiding crowds to lessen the chances of getting infected. Sometimes you just don’t want to deal with traffic and parking. Or maybe you just want to work out without others watching and judging you.

With actual gyms, however, you have plenty of classes to choose from. But that’s also true if you wish to work out at home. With online classes, you all need is a laptop (or even a smartphone) and you can attend various workout classes with all the comforts of home.

Here are some excellent online fitness classes that you should consider:

Obé Fitness

This will cost you $27 a month, $65 for 3 months, or $199 for the year. These prices are generally cheaper than the average gym class prices.

And you’re getting your money’s worth, starting with how many types of classes are available with your subscription. It’s basically an all-in-one app with 19 different types of exercises to try out. The categories include strength training, Pilates, HIIT, yoga, boxing, cardio, barre, and many more.

You’ll find classes here based on the difficulty level, or on the length of time needed. You can also go with classes that use the equipment you have at home, or just exercises that use body weight.

Live classes are available, but when they’re done the videos are posted so you can take your classes at any time.


This is actually an online personal trainer, so you’re getting expertise, personal attention, and accountability. It takes note of your needs using a short quiz, and then matches you with a certified personal trainer that’s best for your circumstances.

The trainer will then provide you’re a customized training plan based on your fitness goals and current fitness level. They’ll list down the exercises you need to do for each session, and maybe tailor the current plan to factor in your performance. And you’ll get all the support you need through every stage.

This costs a flat rate of $149 per month, but it offers unlimited access to your trainer. With lots of workout sessions, the personal training cost will actually be a bargain. And you even get a risk-free trial for the first 30 days.

This is great if you have an Apple Watch, as the workouts are synced with that device. With this method, your trainer can even follow your workout stats. It doesn’t work with Android devices though, but that may change in the future.


The standard subscription is $10 per month, with $18 per month for the unlimited subscription. But you can pay $120 in advance so you get the unlimited subscription for the entire year for only $10 a month. That price is unbelievable, as it’s basically 35¢ per day.

This app contains more than 2,400 yoga sessions you can access at any time. They cover up to 27 different types of yoga, and there are even some Pilates and barre classes here for some variety. With the filters, you won’t have any trouble finding the videos you want, and the app is very easy to use.


If you’re a newbie who wants to start with home workouts, then this may be for you. It costs $8 per month, but that price goes down if you pay more months in advance.

The app offers personal trainers and classes, and you can get real time feedback from the live classes. The downside is that there are no downloadable videos, so it’s all live classes. The classes are varied, and include HIIT, cardio, yoga, Pilates, barre, and strength training. But that’s not all, as you get advice regarding nutrition plans and supplements.

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