No Time for Gym? Here are 7 Effective Exercises You Can Do While In the Office!

Have you ever had that moment when you browse through your Instagram feed; encounter a photo or a boomerang video of a friend while exercising using the amenities of a top-notch health club — say, In-Shape Gym? If you’re also gunning to become a health-conscious, gym-regular person, but don’t have the luxury of time, it could be really frustrating.

But let me tell you, you don’t need to fret that much! Nowadays, people, especially those who seem to live in the confines of the office, have started to find ways to become fit even though they’re at their desks. Activities as simple as taking the stairs — if done regularly — actually contribute to your aim of having a “healthy lifestyle.”
And through this piece of writing, I will walk you through seven effective exercises that you and your colleagues can enjoy and slay!
Head Exercise

To do this, look over your right shoulder, and maintain that position for a few seconds. Do the same on the left. You can also drop your right ear down until it slightly touches your right shoulder. Hold it for a few seconds before repeating for other side.

Another way to do this is to drop your chin to your chest, then gently roll your head — clockwise first, then counter-clockwise.

Arm Stretch

Lock and interlace your fingers together, then stretch your arms upwards. Be certain that your palms are facing the ceiling so that you can ensure that you are stretching your arms to the maximum level possible.

Next, put your hands in the back and interlace your fingers again. Stretch your arms backwards, then make sure the your palms are facing whatever it is that is behind you.

Knee Hugging

Stand up straight and bend your right knee. Lift your right leg up, hug it with your arms and pull it to your chest with the closest gap possible. Hold this position for 10 seconds, max. Repeat it on your left leg.

Simple Squats

This kind of office exercise is actually pretty simple. From your sitting position, stand up then sit back down again. Repeat this sequence for at least 10 times to improve blood circulation.

Walk or Jog in Place

In case sitting or standing near your chair isn’t enough still, you can try walking or jogging in place. Choose the pace you’re most comfortable with, and walk or jog for around half a minute. Repeat the exercise for at least three times.

Opt for the Stairs

If you want to do a “harder” exercise in the office, make it a habit to take the stairs. Forget the comfort of taking the elevator, and opt to sweat off a little by climbing up and down the stairs.

Opt for a Live Chat

A corollary to the take-the-stairs exercise is opting for a live chat. Instead of calling someone from the other department via phone, or communicating with him or her via e-mail, try talking to him or her personally.

Not only does this help you move that muscle, it also improves your interpersonal relationship with your co-workers.

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