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The Medifast cost is reasonable considering that the meal replacements can be eaten out of the box, so to speak, so there’s no need for meal planning and preparation.

Every 7-pack meal replacement, which consists of oatmeal bars, shakes, and smoothies, among others, costs $16.95 so a 4-week supply will amount to $300, minimum, plus shipping costs.

The following Medifast cost are estimates only.


In 1980, William Vitale founded Medifast, Inc. During its early years, the company directly sold its products to doctors who then prescribed the weight loss plan to their patients. Today, the Owing Mills, Maryland-based, publicly-traded corporation has five subsidiaries including Take Shape for Life, Jason Pharmaceuticals, and Jason Enterprises, Inc.

Medifast manufactures, distributes and sells its health-related products including its weight loss replacement meals in the traditional and digital media. These include websites, telemarketing, and multilevel marketing as well as directly to medical professionals and franchised clinics.

The Weight Loss Promise

Medifast calls its weight loss programs as “5 & 1 Plan” because of its unique combination. Basically, you will eat five of the Medifast meal replacements provided by the company and one meal of your own choice. You can choose from over 70 meal replacements while your do-it-yourself meal should contain three servings of vegetables, 5 to 7 ounces of lean protein, and two servings of healthy fat.

The meal replacements include options in bars, cereals, and shakes as well as snacks like pretzel sticks. You may also eat sauces, dressings and condiments, aside from the snacks of your choice like nuts, Jell-O, and pickles. You must, however, avoid eating fruits, starchy foods, and dairy products while you’re on the Medifast plan.

According to the company, clients will lose as much as 2 to 5 pounds for the first two weeks and then lose 1 to 2 pounds on the third and succeeding weeks. Just be sure to follow the recommended diet and exercise plan for best results.

In fact, anything not on the Medifast approved food list should be avoided including alcohol – it’s totally off limits. But since the Medifast diet also prohibits the consumption of certain food groups, you have to get your Vitamin D and calcium from other sources, such as dietary supplements. Otherwise, you may be putting your health at risk in favor of weight loss.

The good news: You can gradually eat more over the 6-week transition period but only after you have reached your target weight. You are also well-advised to follow the Medifast 3 & 3 Plan to maintain your healthy weight; the plan means you can eat three healthy and balanced meals of your own choosing and three Medifast meal replacements.

The cost of the program doesn’t include an exercise program. In fact, there’s no specific workout plan. You should work with your personal trainer, if possible, since your exercise should be less intense; the reduced number of calories (800 to 1,000 only daily) consumed will affect your physical energy.

The Medifast cost includes consultations with a personal health coach, free of charge, in case of the Take Shape for Life program. There’s also free access to the online food journals, weight loss blogs, nutrition guides, and chat rooms.