Living a Healthier Life, One Step at a Time: Eight Amazing Benefits of Walking

Saving up and enrolling at a world-renowned gym (Gold’s Gym, for example) is one of the means people resort to when they want to effectively burn some calories. After all, we need someone reliable whom we can trust our fitness-related tasks to.

Nonetheless, there are some trivial activities we tend to forget are already beneficial to our health. One classic example — walking.

Rarely do we discuss about its pros, so here’s an article dedicated to eight amazing benefits of this simple form of exercise.

It helps shed weight

By walking at approximately two miles per hour for about 30 minutes, you will shed some 75 calories off your body. This easy type of exercise is also effective in curbing the risk of you becoming obese (by around 5 percent, to be more specific).

It strengthens your heart

Did you know that by merely walking, you can safeguard your heart from deadly diseases? A Harvard study argues that walking for only 21 minutes a day will already cut the chances of having a chronic illness by a whopping 30 percent.

It lowers blood pressure

Making ten-minute walks part of your daily routine can do a lot for your health! Scientists state that this habit is a surefire way to lower that frequently-monitored blood pressure. Subsequently, this also reduces the risk of stroke by around 40 percent.

It improves your mood

Just in case you’re having a bad day, you might want to try going out for a walk. Studies point out that walking regularly helps the nervous system mask off feelings of anger and anxiety.

What are you waiting for? Trade those sweet treats and other guilty pleasures to this costless way of inching your mood to a happier state!

It prevents you from having dementia

Do you know an elderly who walks often? Pat him or her on the back, because he or she is doing something good for himself or herself.  Several research papers back up the finding that walking prevents dementia. It also helps older people in preserving memories that are delightful to look back at in the future.

It boosts your immune system

It is a known and accepted fact that aging lowers immunity. If you want one simple way to continually increase the amount of immune system cells in your body, start taking a moderately-paced walk for about half an hour on a daily basis as soon as possible. This routine also lowers the risk of being sick by nearly 50 percent.

It helps prevent cancer

Regularly walking will also save you from paying hospital bills due to cancer in the future. Through this active hobby, you can avoid developing colon and breast cancers by 20 percent. Not only that — it will also help you avoid acquiring type 2 diabetes by an incredible 60 percent.

It maintains the great look of your legs

Who wouldn’t wish to have toned up legs? Walking doesn’t only assist you in losing some serious weight, it is also helpful if you are dying to have defined hamstrings, calves and quads.

And for a pro tip, you might want to walk uphill to see more brilliant results!

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