Kickass Kickboxing Gloves

Kickass Kickboxing Gloves

Instead of just going to a regular gym, plenty of people nowadays are opting for other alternative workouts. These include kickboxing, which you can enjoy at gyms such as CKO Kickboxing.

What’s not to like about kickboxing? At the very least, boredom won’t be a problem. Quite a lot of people quit working out because it can get quite tedious simply running on a treadmill or lifting weights without obvious point to it all. But with kickboxing, you get to enjoy the competition, and even the level of physical exertion.

It burns a lot of calories, improves your cardiovascular endurance, and enhances your strength. It boosts your balance and coordination, while it improves your sleep quality. You’re even able to vent a lot of stress because of all that kicking and punching.

But with all that punching, you’ll need the best kickboxing gloves you help you punch properly while keeping your hands free from injury. And not all kickboxing gloves are created equal. Some of them are extremely better, such as the following:

Fairtex Boxing Gloves

This handmade pair of gloves is terrific for all skill levels, and for both men and women. It truly allows for some hard punching, while it keeps your hands safe.

The gloves are remarkably durable, as it’s made with premium leather. The Velcro straps give you a snug fit while allowing for great wrist movement, while the rather elegant texture feels just fantastic.

The gloves feature a straight thumb design, which makes particularly useful for fighting. Also, while the standard padding location for kickboxing gloves is over the knuckles, this time the padding is on the back. This makes it more versatile, since it works for other martial arts aside from kickboxing. You’re able to project more force in your punches, and the padding works out nicely when you’re using the gloves to block and absorb the punches of your opponent.

Hayabusa T3 Kanpeki

It’s true that this can be used by students of all levels, and by both men and women. But while even beginners may find these gloves good, it’s really best for mode advanced kickboxing students. These gloves excel in offering the consistent performance that kickboxing experts need.

The design here is quite unique, as you don’t get the standard single layer of leather that you’ll find in a typical pair of kickboxing gloves. Instead, you have here as many as 5 panels of full-grain leather over the back of your hands. This design offers great protection and comfort, even as you feel in full control.

The gloves also feature a custom foam disposition, which is quite impressive. It offers superb protection for your knuckles, as each foam layer works well in absorbing and dissipating the resulting impact force in all directions.

Then you also have a 4-splint structure here, which also helps in creating powerful punches even as the gloves protect your wrists nicely.

These gloves are truly comfortable to wear, so you can concentrate on your match. The double Velcro strap makes for a super-secure fit, but it’s also fully adjustable so you get that snug fit you need. Add the anatomical pocket with grip bar along with the ergonomic thumb position, and these gloves really fit your hands nicely.

RDX Kickboxing Gloves

The price here is just right, since it’s meant for beginners. But it sure offers extraordinary value for your money, as it is also designed for high-intensity kickboxing training. This pair of gloves is best for serious kickboxing newbies.

Beginners will appreciate the highly breathable design of the gloves. It’s not only super-comfortable. It works very well in enabling you to practice throwing powerful punches while you also develop the needed punch resistance.

Instead of genuine leather, you also have Maya hide leather, which is what RDX calls its faux synthetic leather. It’s not used simply to cut down on costs. This synthetic leather offers great flexibility along with superb resistance to cracking. It will also last long against wear and tear.

It offers excellent impact resistance, too. It absorbs the force and then distributes that force across the surface. The D-cut open palm design allows for nice airflow, so your hands are ventilated and kept cool. And your gloves remain dry while you’re training or fighting.

The strap is great for easy on-off glove use, while the hook-and-loop enclosure helps to protect your wrists. All in all, it’s truly excellent for beginners.

Hayabusa T3 Kanpeki Glove Review

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