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Do you want to have a body like John Cena? Then you should be looking for information on the John Cena workout. This article teaches you how to bulk up and build a body similar to that of the wrestling star.

For wrestling fans today, there is no bigger name in the wrestling world than John Cena. He is arguably the most popular wrestler of his generation. While part of his success is due to his charisma especially to the youth, it can’t also be argued that it can also be credited to the way he has worked his butt off in the ring.

Wrestlers often don’t get enough credit for the work they put off in the gym. Many people see wrestlers as steroid users who cheat their way towards building a bulked up frame. Whether Cena uses steroids or not is another topic, but it cannot be denied that the many-time WWE champion is a hard worker in the gym as seen by this training program:

Below is John Cena routine:

Workout OptionsRepetition

Upper Body

Barbell Bench Press45
Pause Bench Press45
Close Grip Barbell Bench Press18
Plate Pushup18-24
Inverted Row36
Machine Pec Flye30
Dumbbell Bench Press36
Cable Rear Delt Raise30

Upper Body 2

Clean and Jerk6
Inclined Barbell Bench Press30
Dumbbell Lateral Raise24-30
Barbell Bench Press15
Chin Ups30
Triceps Press Down30
Isometric Back Extension90

Lower Body

Barbell Landmine (45 pounds)20
Decline Barbell Situp30
Power Cleans30
Sets of Cleans30
Hanging Snatch21
Snatch-Grip Shrug30
Hanging Snatch21

Day 1: Upper Body

John Cena is one big guy, with his chest measuring 50 inches. In building such a large frame, Cena works out his upper body starting with three sets of the barbell bench press. Each set requires five repetitions, and Cena would use barbells weighing 352 and 383 pounds for this exercise.

After a brief rest, Cena would do three sets of one repetition of the pause bench press. In this routine, he uses a barbell weighing 395 pounds. He holds the barbell in the bottom position for 1 to 3 seconds before lifting the barbell to the top.

Cena would then do the close grip barbell bench press. He would do three sets of this workout, performing six repetitions for each set. He continues the workout with three sets of plate pushup, with repetitions ranging from six to eight times.

Cena then performs three sets of 12 repetitions of the inverted row. Another workout that he does to work out the upper body is the machine pec flye, with three sets of 10 repetitions.

After a brief rest, Cena would go back to the bench this time having dumbbells in hand. He performs three sets of 12 repetitions of the dumbbell bench press. The workout ends with three sets of 10 repetitions of the cable rear delt raise.

Day 2: Upper Body

Cena continues his upper body workout the following day with five sets of the clean and jerk, with each set having only one repetition. He then goes to the bench, and proceeds to do three sets of 10 reps of inclined barbell bench press.

Cena then performs three sets of the dumbbell lateral raise, with 8-10 reps. A follow-up exercise is the barbell bench press of three sets and five repetitions. For this part of the workout, Cena uses a 300 pound barbell. The routine continues with three sets of 10 repetitions of chin ups.

Following a brief rest Cena goes to the adjustable cable machine to perform three sets of repetitions of triceps press down.

The work ends with three sets of 30 reps of isometric back extension.

Day 3: Lower Body

Wrestlers not only need a powerful upper body to do moves like slams and suplexes but also a strong lower body for drop kicks and ground based grappling.

In working out the lower body, Cena begins with two sets of the barbell landmine. He does 10 repetitions for each set using 45 pound weights.

Then he performs two sets of decline barbell situp with two sets and 15 reps for each set. Using the same barbell he goes to do a set of barbell sidebends.

Next up are three sets of power cleans. The 45 pound barbell is ditched for this part of the workout with a 135 pound barbell used for the first set, a 185 pound weight for the second set and a 235 pound barbell for the last set.
He then does three sets of cleans, with the first set having two repetitions and the last two sets just one repetition each. He also gets less than 30 seconds of rest in between each set. For this routine, Cena would use 285 pounds of weights for the first set, then increase it to 295 pounds before ending with 305 weights for the last set.

The routine continues with a set of hanging snatch, with Cena using a 95 pound weight. After a brief rest, he does a set of snatch-grip shrug using the same weight, and then ends the workout with five sets of the hanging snatch. For the first set four sets, he does three repetitions before ending with a bang of 9 reps for the last set.

Indeed, John Cena punishes himself while in the gym! This John Cena workout should help you build a body much like that of the wrestling superstar.