I Tried The 75 Hard Challenge: Find Out How It Changed My Life

I Tried The 75 Hard Challenge: Find Out How It Changed My Life

You’ve probably heard of the 75 Hard Challenge.  Basically, this challenge is all about sticking to some rules for 75 days including:

  • Sticking to a diet that will help you achieve your health and fitness goals.
  • Exercising 2x a day for 45 minutes.
  • Drinking a gallon of water everyday.
  • Reading 10 pages of a book everyday.
  • Taking a progress picture everyday.
  • Not drinking alcohol for 75 days straight.

Then should you break any of the rules, you’ll need to go back to day 1 again.

The 75 Hard Challenge is all about strengthening and improving your mindset. It forces you to be organized and to practice self control. It gives you the framework to stick to a better daily routine and reap the benefits in return.

My 75 Hard Results

First of all, I want to say that this challenge has been an amazing journey for me. But I guess this is mainly because from the very beginning I made the commitment to make I sure I see this through. I didn’t allow any negative thoughts to get inside my head, which I think was instrumental to my success in this challenge.

Physically, I lost 10 kg. I used to drink 2-3 bottles of beer every day and not having any alcohol for 75 days was the main reason I lost weight. Of course working out twice a day definitely helps… a LOT.

Benefits of the 75 Hard Challenge

There are some rewards to be reaped aside from the obvious:

1. Develop healthy habits

You get a sense of structure and direction which will help you plan your day to include things that are healthy and productive.

2. Improved fitness levels

Among the rules you need to stick to in this challenge is to stick to a diet and to exercise twice a day. Naturally, you will become fit by the end of this challenge. In my case I enrolled in Soul Cycle so I could join a spin class every day.

3. Customizable.

This challenge lets you choose any diet you like as long as it helps you with your health and fitness goals. You also choose to read any book you like.. and any workout you like as well.

Drawbacks of the 75 Hard Challenge

One of the main issues people have with this challenge is that if you break even a single rule, you have to go back to day 1. You need to be mentally tough as it’s an all-or-nothing program with no middle ground.

I also did not like having to take progress pictures every single day. I mean seriously. I don’t even like to take selfies! But aside from being a hassle, taking photos of your body every day can also be bad for your self esteem and body image.

Final Thoughts

The 75 Hard Challenge is not for everyone. It has great reviews on TikTok but I wouldn’t recommend it for people who don’t have the time nor energy to stick to all the rules since you will only be frustrated – remember, for every rule you break you have to go back to day 1. For those who believe they can handle the challenge from start to finish, then this is highly recommended. It will not only help you achieve fitness, but will also help you develop long-term healthy habits.

Here’s a video of a vlogger who tried the 75 Hard and see her results:

Lazy girl attempts the 75 HARD Challenge!

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