How To Take Care Of A Wounded Body Part?

How To Take Care Of A Wounded Body Part?

At some point, every single one of us deals with wounds. It’s safe to say that they are practically inevitable and can occur at any given moment. How can wounds be defined? The simplest explanation is that they represent an injury that breaks or cuts the skin.

There are various types of wounds. Those that heal naturally, and then there are those that are a little bit more complex and require a longer period of time to go away. In both situations, it’s advisable to take care of them.

Fortunately, there are different ways you can speed up the healing process and if you’re currently searching for an answer when it comes to this, then you should certainly check out these tips below.

Most Effective Ways To Treat Wounds 

Have You Ever Tried Unna Boot?

Now, there are probably some of you who have never heard of it before, which is why we’ll go into detail below. Namely, it can be defined as a compression bandage that is normally applied by a doctor with the goal to treat ulcers and lower leg wounds.

Additionally, this gauze wrap is usually mixed with a zinc oxide paste, which is here to alleviate skin irritation and keep the wounded area moist. One of the main goals of Unna Boot is to reduce swelling while medicated cream is here to prevent drying. These are the things that you’re supposed to do while you’re in an Unna Boot:

  • Elevate your leg as much as you can. It should be above the level of your heart
  • Do not sit or stand for too long
  • Make sure the Unna Boot is always dry
  • Walk every day
  • Continue having any normal daily activities

Be Sure Your Wound Doesn’t Get Wet In The Shower Or Bath

Bear in mind, that your wound should not be wet because it is going to spread bacteria from other areas of your body directly into the wound. One of the best ways to ensure your wound is dry is by utilizing a wound protector or by employing Press-N-Seal plastic wrap to cover the wounded area and then just use a kitchen trash bag over your wound. 

On the other hand, if you find it too challenging to protect the wound, then you should opt for a sponge bath.

Enumerating Other Effective Ways To Take Care Of Your Wound

Clean Scrapes & Cuts Carefully

Both scrapes and cuts can be nasty but don’t worry, you can treat them quite easily. The first step that you’re supposed to take is to clean the wound by utilizing cool water. And then you should try to eliminate any splinters or pebbles by using alcohol-sterilized tweezers.

Slowly and carefully wash around the wound by employing both washcloth and soap. Keep in mind, that you aren’t supposed to utilize iodine, irritating soap, hydrogen peroxide, and alcohol. In these types of situations, clean water is enough.

Opt For Antibacterial Ointment

Another great way to deal with this issue is by employing an over-the-counter antibacterial ointment. This is a great tool for preventing any infections. Besides that, it will also help your wound heal much faster.

Several studies have shown that precisely antibacterial ointment can heal wounds pretty fast, which is why a lot of people use it to treat minor wounds. Additionally, you can also employ petroleum jelly which turns into a barrier in order to protect the wound beyond the bandage. 

High-Quality Nutrition Is Always Welcome

It is widely known that our body is the best healer. If you want to consult a professional regarding this problem, then it would be advisable to talk to a nutritionist to learn all about the benefits of vitamins, like B, C, E, and zinc, as well as protein.

Namely, amino acids that are found in protein can aid in building muscles, hormones, skin, and the immune system, however, unfortunately, you cannot get enough of these acids from the foods when you’re dealing with wounds that won’t go away that quickly. Therefore, it would be great to see whether you can obtain any supplements to speed up the healing process.

Reduce Smoking

Of course, it would be best if you managed to quit smoking, however, if you do not think that you’ll be able to do that, then at least reduce it. In case you didn’t know, smoking will drastically slow the healing process. Each cigarette you smoke closes the blood vessels for up to forty-five percent for several hours.

You’ve probably figured out by now that in a lot of cases, wounds can be pretty stubborn and cause some major headaches. That’s precisely why we put together these hacks that will surely help you speed up your recovery.

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