How to Prevent Injuries When Working Out

There are a lot of important guidelines to always be mindful of before heading to LA Fitness or New York Sports Club

Knowing all the safe actions can ensure one will not be sent to the emergency room in the middle of his workout schedule.

Consult a Doctor

A lot of people do not consult physicians before they start an exercise program. They think it’s perfectly fine since working out is supposed to make them healthy. 

This is a big mistake because no matter how young a person might be, only a doctor can tell if he is healthy enough for his chosen workout activities. One should always check with their doctor if they need to make modifications to their program according to their need. According to experts, exercise programs should be customized for every individual as much as possible to account for any limitations and ongoing medical conditions.

Pick a workout program most suitable

Some exercise programs can do more harm than good if not chosen carefully. Women with conditions like arthritis or osteoporosis should not do high-impact exercise programs.

Non-impact exercises such as swimming and using elliptical exercise machines, can give aerobic conditioning without stressing the joints.

Always employ proper techniques

It is never advisable to learn workouts through self study. A skilled trainer will not just teach proper techniques but how to do things safely as well. No one should start any exercise without learning first from a trainer all the correct forms.

After consulting a physical therapist to help tailor a workout safe for one’s health conditions and physical capabilities, everyone must work with a trainer at home or in the gym to learn for example, the proper squat technique which can avoid long term complications.

Again one must always use the right form when exercising to prevent injuries

Knees and toes must point forward, the chest must be lifted, and the back should be neutral.

Some people make the usual mistake of arching the back, overextending the knees, and turning the toes in. These can cause serious injuries.

Know the right gears

Wearing the right gears can maximize the health benefits of a person’s exercise regimen. Loose, comfortable clothing gives a person working out enough room to move and breathe and a pair of sturdy, comfortable sneakers will provide good arch support and have a cushioned heel to absorb shock. 

Start and change gradually

According to experts, the greatest risk of injury happens when changing an exercise program or adding a new exercise. It is not advisable to jump into a new exercise program abruptly.

Everyone must always start slowly. 

If cycling, set the bike’s controls on the lowest speed and tension, and pedal for just a few minutes while beginning, and then gradually increase the speed and intensity, only at a bearable level

Warm Up is very important

According to experts, cold muscles are more prone to injury. This is the reason why a proper warm-up can improve blood flow to the working muscle and reduce stiffness. This will lower the risk of injury.

Warm-up activities should be active. It means one has to walk or do dynamic stretches, such as arm or leg lifts, for five to 10 minutes. 

Passive stretches must be avoided because when a person assumes a position and hold it, this can lead to tearing of muscles.


People lose a lot of essential fluids their body needs to take them through the whole duration of their exercise program because they sweat a lot when they work out.

People should always drink a glass of water before they exercise.

A few sips of water every fifteen minutes can be very helpful in staying hydrated.

Cool downs are as important as warm ups.

There have been a lot of reported injuries among people who fail to cool down.

Everyone should finish their workout with a slow walk or gentle stretch for five or 10 minutes to cool down and maintain flexibility.

Never underestimate the importance of varied workouts.

People must always alternate with other programs aside from the one they are currently in.

For example, if one has been doing yoga, he must alternate it with dancing, tennis, or water aerobics. 

A constant varying movement will benefit different muscle groups and give every part of the body a chance to recover between sessions.

Stop when necessary

Knowing when to stop is very important too. No one should work out to the point of pain. If any activity hurts, one must stop doing it right away. 

Not doing so will do more damage and prolong healing time. It will take the person away longer  from the exercise they enjoy.

One must always seek the advice of a medical professional whenever pain seems abnormal or is not improving and he must get immediate help if he suddenly feels dizziness, shortness of breath, or chest pain.

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