How to Gain Confidence as a Beginner at the Gym

It’s always a scary experience when you’re trying something new. And starting your first gym session can be terrifying to some people. It feels intimidating when you see muscular men deadlifting like it’s nothing or seeing toned women showing of their well-defined abs. It makes you feel like a loser when you’re working out with these kinds of people.

But you should know that these people started out just like you. They were beginners like you who had no muscle mass and flabby stomachs. And if you stick to your workout regime and train diligently, then you may attain a muscular and well-defined physique sometime in the future.

Here are some tips on how to gain confidence in your first few gym sessions:

Pick a newbie friendly gym

Some gyms have no instructors and just allows you use their equipment freely. These are the types of gyms that you want to avoid as a newbie, since the members of this gym are usually experienced bodybuilders who want to do their own thing.

Pick the gyms with beginner classes or gyms with professional instructors so that you can learn the ropes.

Bring a friend

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book when it comes to overcoming tension. Bringing a friend to the gym will help you overcome some first session jitters and you might even enjoy it since you are with someone you are familiar with.

A better idea would be to come with a gym rat friend and let them show you the ropes on how things are done in the gym. Let them introduce you to the people at the gym so that you won’t feel intimidated anymore.

Ignore them and focus on your training

You are here to train and improve your physique! You are not here to feel like a scared little baby! Stop thinking about how pathetic or how weak you look, you are here in the gym to become a better person and you should be proud of yourself for taking the initiative.

Just ignore them and do your thing because one day you’ll be as muscular as them.

Take small steps

This is something I’ve done personally in the past. I was so self-conscious in my first gym session that I simply sat on the corner and watched the other members exercise. I kept doing this in the next 3 or 4 session until I’ve finally felt comfortable enough to touch a dumbbell.

Just take baby steps and you’ll eventually get there.

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