How to Find an Affordable Personal Trainer

There’s no denying the benefit of having a personal trainer around when you work out. This is especially true when you have no idea on what you should be doing. A personal trainer can tell you what to do, so you can just work out without worrying whether you’re doing things wrong.

Here are some ways you can find a personal trainer that won’t bust your budget:

Check Out Your Gym

If you’re a member of a gym already, then you can check out the place and see if they have trainers that offer personalized coaching. Different trainers may charge different rates, so don’t just ask a single trainer there and assume that every other trainer there charges the same.

You may also decide to join gyms that provide personalized training for members. Fitness First has packages that include 1-on-1 sessions with up to 3 different coaches to really customize your training to match your needs. These packages, however, are optional, and aren’t included in the basic membership privileges.

Look for Local Independent Trainers

One of the main problems with gym-employed trainers is that they often have busy schedules, and they may deal more with classes. Even their personalized training may be limited.

Independent trainers, on the other hand, can devote more time to your customized training. Some gyms have partnerships with some independent trainers, and these trainers generally just pay a small fee or a per-session fee to the gym to train there with there clients.

Independent trainers are also more likely to agree to pay home visits, or to train outside their home gyms. That can be helpful for you if you prefer to stay at home or workout outdoors.

Small Group Training

This is one way of cutting down on costs. If the rate of a good personal trainer is too much for your budget, then you may want to consider forging an agreement with some friends to enjoy a small-group session together. That way, each one only pays the fraction of the cost.

You do need to iron things out with the trainer, and plan out how they can customize the training for 2 or 3 clients. They may be able to offer individualized variations and recommendations for each of you.

At the same time, you need fellow clients who have the same basic fitness goals as you, and who can fit in the same time frames for the training.

30-Minute Training Sessions

If it’s possible, see if you can get a half-hour session instead of paying for the full hour. This works well for if you’re not ab absolute beginner at working out, so know how to warm up yourself before the session.

Then during the half-hour session, you can then focus on the workout itself. Afterwards, you can them cool down on your own as well.

Basic Programming

Plenty of beginners need personal trainers to help them use various gym machines effectively. But if you already have plenty of experience on the machines you plan on using, then you don’t need the guidance for this.

Instead, you can just book a single session perhaps one a month. In that first session, you and the trainer can go over your health goals, and devise a specialized workout plan schedule. Then you can just do the workouts as scheduled on your own.

On the next sessions, you can then get a single hour of instruction. You and the trainer can check out your progress, and then discuss the needed adjustments to your training. These monthly sessions may be all that you need if you just want a basic plan on what to do, and not how to do it.

Online Coaching

This has become more popular lately, since even schools now offer classroom lessons online. It’s like getting any other type of online tutorial. It’s also often much more affordable than regular in-person training.

This may not be the best for absolute beginners, who may need more explicit instruction that’s best shown in person. But for those with enough experience, it’s quite helpful. You can also work out on your own pace, and the timing can be much more flexible.

Final Words

For newbies, personal trainers offer many benefits that can be worth all the money you invest in it. Personal trainers can show you how to do various exercises and use various machines. They’re also there to help motivate you.

But even more advanced workout athletes can benefit from consulting with personal trainers. These experts can craft a detailed, customized plan that can help make sure you achieve any health goal you’re aiming for.

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