How to Cope with Difficult People in Gyms

So you’ve decided to go to UFC Gym and do some workouts, but you’re worried about running into some difficult people. Most of those who work out in gyms are friendly, and it’s actually a great place to get in shape and make friends too. But you may run into irritating folks every now and then.

The Talker

Nothing wrong with a little chat while you’re working out, but the talkers take it to an extreme. They gossip about other members or just complain. Other talkers may even say negative things about your clothes or workout routine while making sure you hear it.

If the person talks about you, just walk up and give them a stare, and walk away. No need to do anything rash. If the talker isn’t malicious and just likes to chat, it’s okay to talk for a minute, but after that, position yourself for the next workout. It’s a signal that you’re done talking and to exercise again.

The Possessive

These are the ones who simply won’t let others use gym equipment. This happens most frequently on the treadmill but you’ll also see them on squat racks and other equipment. It wouldn’t be so bad if they were actually working out but many just like to hog the equipment.

If you run into one, go over and tell them – politely – there is another machine they can use. You may also ask them to share or remind them there’s a time limit for an individual’s use of the equipment, usually 30 minutes for the treadmill. Any of these methods usually works.

The Gym Bullies

You know about school bullies, well there are a few of these in gyms too. They’ll make fun of your workout methods without saying what the right technique is, talk thrash and walk around bossing everyone.

These are the most annoying and difficult people to deal with. It’s easy to lose your cool but don’t give in. Be polite and ignore whatever they’re saying. If the bully task your equipment, tell them you’re not done using it. You can even ask if they want to share. If all else fails, talk to one of the gym staff.


Whether it is at American Family Fitness or another gym, most gym folks are friendly. However there will always be exception to the rules. Knowing how to handle such situations will lead to a more pleasurable experience.

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