How much is 9 Round Membership?

9Round fitness is a buzzword among fitness buffs. It is a gym studio that stands out among other gym studios because of its approach to fitness.

With 9Roundfitness, you are not bound to any fixed schedule classes. You can choose when to hit the gym at any given time. The exercises are also carefully selected for you instead of being left to find the ideal exercises to do on your own.

This implies that you can complete a trainer-guided 30-minute circuit workout whenever you arrive at the gym to help you get the best possible results while still keeping an eye on your safety. This workout is designed to target all essential areas of your body and help you burn a considerable amount of calories.

How much are 9Round Memberships or Prices?

The exercise program offered by 9Round relies heavily on kickboxing to give you the fitness results you aim for. It’s described as ‘extreme’ and a program guaranteed to change your body irrespective of your fitness levels.
In the studio, you will find nine separate stations designed to target different regions of your body.

Now, the costs you’d need to pay if you were to join 9Round fitness program may vary depending on how many people you want to be signed up for the program.

Real quick, here’s a simplified breakdown of the costs:

If you are signing up as one adult, the charges that will apply to you are those for single adults. They’re broken down into initiation fees, monthly fees, and, finally, cancellation fees.
The initiation fee for a single adult every month is $50. If you sign up as two adults, you will need to pay $100 only per month.

The monthly fee for a single person is $79. For two adults, it is $148. The cancellation fee for single or dual adults is $0.
You may also choose to go with the yearly plan. There is an initiation fee of $50 annually for a single adult or $100 for two adults annually for the annual plan.

The monthly fee you’d need to pay annually, in this case, is $59 only, and for two adults, that will translate to just $108. Again the cancellation fee for a single adult or two adults is $0.

Is 9RoundWorth the Money?

Compared to the conventional-style fitness studios, 9Round have very reasonable prices, considering that they provide state-of-the-art equipment for training. You also get a qualified personal trainer and top-of-the-range facilities included in your yearly or monthly membership plan.

There is also the benefit of joining the fitness program whenever convenient to you since you are not restricted to a timetable for your sessions. These exercises also change consistently, are designed to engage all muscles of your body, and even better activate fat-burning zones in your body to stimulate weight loss.

To wrap all that, you also benefit from the 9Round Nutritional Guidance and one-on-one help. With all these in mind, 9Round is affordable; a solid program that works even for busy persons.

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