Helpful Ways to Help You Feel Better About Yourself After Giving Birth

Helpful Ways to Help You Feel Better About Yourself After Giving Birth

There are several phases in a woman’s life that involve significant physical changes – puberty, pregnancy and menopause. All of these physical transformations involve hormonal changes. But growing a fetus, delivering a baby and breastfeeding can be especially challenging not only physically, but emotionally as well.

Body dissatisfaction is usually part of a woman’s postpartum experience. Discussions of pregnancy and women’s bodies often involve getting the pre-pregnancy body back. Women are concerned about changes to their breasts, weight gain and stretchmarks. One study has found that postpartum depression is often attributed to poor body image.

But it doesn’t end there. Women who are not happy with their bodies are more inclined to stop breastfeeding before their baby reaches 6 months old. They are more prone to feeling embarrassed about breastfeeding. Not only that, but they also tend to suffer from eating disorders. What these findings suggest is that the results of a woman’s body dissatisfaction after giving birth not only affect them, but also their babies.

Without a doubt, there are mental and physical health challenges and difficulties associated with pregnancy. Previous researches that have taken a closer look at the association between body image and pregnancy did not find out if the women wanted the pregnancy however it is possible that those who took part in the study were glad to have given birth to a child. But in spite this, many have struggled with body image and have had to deal with complications in relation to behavioral and mental health.

It’s important to mention that the experience of pregnancy does not automatically mean all these women are unhappy with their bodies. Many have felt empowered by their pregnancy and have come to love their bodies regardless of the changes.

Here are some ways to help you improve your body image after giving birth:

1. Shift your focus on what your body has done for you and your baby.

Your body brought that beautiful baby into the world and it is now tasked with feeding him or her and at the same time, healing itself.

2. Make a conscious effort to stop negative thoughts about your body.

This is a wonderful exercise of self-control and awareness. Don’t bring negative thoughts, and instead reframe those thoughts into more appreciative ones.

3. Don’t force yourself to wear clothes you used to wear before you got pregnant.

Wearing clothes that fit comfortably is a way to respect your body. If you wear clothes that are too tight for your body, not only will it make you feel uncomfortable, but it will also draw your attention to parts of your body that you feel insecure about and will only worsen your situation. Wearing a size up  means you’re treating your body with respect and dignity.

4. Stop constantly checking your body.

Constantly looking at your reflection in the bathroom mirror, weighing yourself each morning, glancing at your body every time you pass by a glass door or window will only make you feel bad about yourself.

5. Eat healthy.

The problem with being unhappy with your body is you’ll end up suffering emotionally as well and this leads to poor eating habits and food choices. Focus on eating healthy and don’t starve yourself.

Remember – you are more than just the number on the scale. What you see on the scale is not a reflection of who you are and what you have had to overcome to give life to your baby and bring him or her out into this world. You should be proud of yourself for this amazing feat.

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