Gym Essentials That Every Beginners Should Have

So, you’ve finally decided to hit the gym and shed off some fats. You’ve enrolled  to a YouFit program and starting next week, working out will be part of your routine.

After going through your wardrobe, you realize that you don’t have that much gym-appropriate outfit. You also have no idea of the things you will need on the first day of your health and fitness program.

It’s eating you up and before you knew it, you are already stressed out and halfway through backing down.

Well, you don’t have to worry! Because in here, we’ve listed down workout essentials that every gym neophyte should have.

Lightweight tops

Fitness activities will make you sweaty, and this is why you should wear t-shirts or sweatshirts made of a breathable material (like polyester and cotton).  You can also opt for a top specifically designed to wick away perspiration.

Flexible bottoms for women, breathable shorts for men

For the bottoms, women should wear something flexible to allow full range of leg motions. Gym shorts, and yoga, sweat or track pants are most suited for this type of exercises.

For men, they should make sure that they are wearing comfortable shorts that does not prevent their legs from doing full range of motions. Tip — the longer the bottoms, the shorter the range of motion is.

Appropriate shoes

Your footwear actually depends on the exercise you will be doing. If it’s on a treadmill, wear running shoes. If you’re lifting some weights, consider wearing shoes with ankle and arch supports.

Knee and wrist wraps

To help your body avoid having injuries, you should also buy and wear knee and wrist wraps. These will protect two of the most used parts of your body in most kinds of workout.

Bandages for first aid

Just to be sure, it might also help to put extra bandages on your gym bag. You’ll never know when are you going to need some first aid!

Shower shoes, extra clothes

Shower shoes — most preferably flip flops — will come handy once you decide to take a shower at the gym. Make sure that you’ve also brought extra clothes.

Clean towel

Clean towel is another must-bring for gym-goers. As mentioned earlier, workouts and fitness activities will make you perspire a lot, and it comes with no doubt that this essential should not be forgotten whenever you are hitting the gym.

Water bottle

One important thing about exercising and working out is keeping yourself hydrated. Fill the bottle with water, or even an energy drink of your choice!

A lock for locker room

You should consider the safety of your valuables. While some fitness centers have a “secured” locker room, it is still better to take extra precaution and bring a lock of your own.

Music player loaded with your fave jams

This one’s optional, but nowadays, more and more people are opting to listen to music while doing their workout routines. If you’re that type of person, don’t forget to put that player and your favorite earphones or headphones on your gym bag and enjoy your playlist while burning fats.

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