Grow From Your Injuries

Scientists call it “adversarial growth”, the positive changes that result from struggling with adversity wherein the individual achieves greater performance or better functioning than the one that existed before the difficult times. This is a concept that can also be applied to injuries in that instead of being discouraged by your injuries, you will think of them an opportunity for growth.

In the words of Lewie West, “never waste an injury!” Keep these tips in mind to do so.  

Think of It as an Opportunity

You have the choice whether to think of your injury as an opportunity for growth or a problem. You can take the negative mindset, a natural knee-jerk reaction because you’re only human, and wallow in self-pity. You can also take the positive route, a decision that will require more conscious thinking and more determination.

Of course, we strongly suggest taking the positive route for many reasons. You cannot turn back time so that you can take preventive measures. You can, however, give your body a respite from the stresses you have placed on it and, thus, let it recover from its injuries.

Your perception can change the outcome so start by adopting a positive attitude toward your injury.

Adopt Aggressive Patience

Your body will take as long as necessary to heal itself so being patient is a must. You shouldn’t rush your recovery period because then you’re increasing its risks for more injuries. You can’t force your body to heal faster, too, because collagen remodeling, protein synthesis, and bone ossification takes time, like it or not.

While waiting for your body to heal, you should follow your doctor’s medical recommendations. These may include refraining from certain activities that can worsen your condition, taking your medications, and undergoing physical therapy. You have the power and responsibility to ensure that your body gets the best help it can get to become better.

But don’t just lie in bed while doing so. You should consider adopting an attitude of aggressive patience, an approach where you will take advantage of the time available to get your body back into shape without pushing it beyond its limits.

A few things that you can do in line with aggressive patience:

  • Review what happened and why it happened the way it did
  • Learn from your mistakes so that the risk of your current injury becoming an issue again in the future can be decreased
  • Modify your physical training to account for your injury, especially in strengthening the injured part

You should also work with a personal trainer from 24 Hour Fitness or from your favorite gym to develop a modified training plan. The more informed your plan, the better your recovery and results will be!  

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