Grooving Your Way to Effective Low-Impact Training

Low-impact trainings are the trainings that are mostly sought after by women. Unlike men, they don’t intend to build heavy arm muscles and bulky legs. Most of them desire to lose weight, have a small waistline, remove unsightly cellulites, and have a firm and toned body.

It sounds easier said than done. You could be sweating for days and breathing laboriously and still not be satisfied with the results. You are probably not targeting the right muscle groups or you rarely workout since you’d rather stay at home than go to the gym regularly.

With so many things to do at work and at home, maybe you’d rather finish your tasks than face the treadmill in the gym. No one could blame you because treadmills are boring as they can get.

The good news is that with the programs that big sports clubs, like the New York Sport Club and Pure Barre, come up with, the treadmill is no longer your only option if you want to lose weight and tone your body. Exercising to the tune of fun beats, you can choose between Zumba, bare conditioning, and cycling, among many others.

You may ask yourself: Why go to the gym when I can buy a DVD and exercise at home? A lot of people do this, but do not continue just after a few tries. At home, you’ll find countless distractions; compared to the gym, where you have your fitness instructor and the other class participants to cheer and motivate you.

What are the benefits of low-impact trainings?

Let’s say you joined barre conditioning sessions. If you attend the classes regularly, you could expect to move more gracefully than before. You will have a defined, and lean body, your movements will become more flexible, and your back pains will be reduced. Not to mention you’ll get amazing abs and a clearer mind.

The barre workout evolved from combining the elements of Pilates, yoga, and ballet. This total body workout will give you a dancer’s physique. It will target your small muscle groups, improve your core, posture, and joint alignment. You could have slender outer and inner thighs, as well as a lifted seat. Classes usually run for about 75 minutes of intense work to burn your fats and sculpt your body.

You can also try Zumba. This aerobic fitness routine features movements that are inspired by Latin American dance styles. During this vigorous workout, expect a lot of arm waving as you dance to Latin music. If it will be your first time to attend a class, inform your instructor so he or she can check if your form is correct.

If you don’t think dancing is for you, you can also try indoor cycling. This has started in the early 90’s and is now popular around the world. You could find many cycling boutiques that offer a variety of classes. Indoor cycling is a highly effective workout that builds your strength and burns your fats—you do all these to the beat of fun music and the loud commands of your instructor.

If you feel like you need to use weights to tone your body, then you can enroll in a BodyPump class. BodyPump is a total body workout using moderate weights and a lot of repetitions. If you want to get fit, toned, and lean, this 30-to-60-minute program might just be the one for you.

With BodyPump, you will burn calories, tone and shape your entire body, improve your bone health, and increase the strength of your core. For maximum results, you can attend two or three classes in a week, but not more. Make sure that you have at least one rest day between classes because overtraining is not advisable.

Before you go these classes, it is important that you’re not hungry, because you don’t want to faint in the middle of the session. Eat at least 90 minutes before class, and drink a lot of water before, during, and after class. Also wear appropriate clothes and shoes; bring a sweat towel and a water bottle. Finally, ensure that you arrive in the gym before the class starts.

Remember that to get the perfect body, you don’t have to tire your body to exhaustion. The purpose of low-impact trainings is for you to be able to exercise without shocking your body. The risks of getting hurt are reduced, and for your body to absorb as little jarring forces as possible.

The purpose of working out is for you to have a healthy lifestyle and of course, to have fun. Once you have the body that you’ve always wanted, you will have more self-confidence. And once you have that perfect waistline, you could wear all the clothes that didn’t fit you before. Exercising also releases happy endorphins that are big factors for our good moods.

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