Great Men’s Shirts for Workouts

Great Men’s Shirts for Workouts

The perfect men’s shirt for a workout should feature breathable yet sturdy fabrics. It should fit properly, but sill allow some stretch and movement so that the shirt doesn’t cling to your sweaty body when you’re out in public lifting weights at your local Fitness Connection gym. It should keep the smells down, and it sure would be nice if it looks great as well.

It’s not always easy to find shirts with all these characteristics, but here are some workout shirts that men should consider:

Rhone Reign Short Sleeve Workout Shirt

Many say that this Rhone shirt might be the best workout shirt all around. It has this “just right” Goldilocks nature that’s hard to ignore. It clings nicely around the biceps, but it doesn’t cling to your stomach, shoulders, and armpits.

It’s not too thin at all that it looks like a see-through shirt when wet, and it’s breathable enough so you don’t soak through it. It even has an infusion of small bits of gold that helps tamp down the odor. And with its V-neck styling, it sure looks good.

District Vision Air-Wear Short Sleeve Tee Shirt

This is a breezy shirt that’s excellent for running, especially for long distance runs of more than 10 kilometers. Other breathable shirts might be good for short distances, but at longer distances, they start to cling. That’s not a problem here.

This is a super-lightweight shirt made with a secret hidden mesh that only shows when it’s stretched. The shirt literally lets in air as you run, and that’s the magic of it. It doesn’t hurt that it looks great, and sits nicely on any frame.

Nike Dri-FIT Miler Short Sleeve Running Top

If you don’t have much of a budget for your workout shirts, Nike has you covered with these $35 shirts. This Dri-Fit can really match up with some of the other sweat-wicking fabrics out there. This might be inexpensive, but the quality certainly isn’t cheap.

It’s very comfortable for both runs and weightlifting, thanks to the slim body and high armholes. Buy several of these and you’ll really appreciate the discounts.

Ten Thousand Durable Shirt

This is another affordable shirt ($38) that you can use as your everyday workout shirt. It’s extremely durable, as you can use it for intense workouts on a daily basis.

It features anti-chafe flatlock seams that also give you a nice-looking fit, and it doesn’t hang on your body like a sack. Yet it doesn’t rub or cling to your body, either. It also features silver ions that fight off unpleasant smells.

Tracksmith Van Cortlandt Long Sleeve Shirt

This looks great, with its prominent color combination of a cool and deep green with a burnt orange across the chest. But it’s not just about its looks, either.

This shirt is comfortably soft and breathable, and it also features anti-microbial properties for odor control.

It’s just that it costs $78, but then again, this is a long-sleeved workout shirt that works.

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