Great Apps for Runners

Great Apps for Runners

There’s an app for that. That’s what people say, regardless of whatever “that” might be. It may be an exaggeration to say that this maxim applies to everything, but it’s certainly true for running. And runners have more than just a single app to choose from.

If you’re a runner (or planning to become one), then you might want to download any of these apps to help with your running routine.

C25K 5K Trainer

This may not be the best option for more advanced runners. But for newbies, it may just be the best app there is out there. It’s actually designed to ease newbies into running, and it’s organized to make them ready for even 5k races in just 8 weeks.

As you’re eased into running, the training method offered here mixes up walking along with running. This gradually builds up your endurance and strength, and helps you get into the habit of running.

You’re asked to do 3 workouts for each week, and the app monitors your routes and overall progress. You actually get audio feedback as you’re running, so you don’t have to hold the smartphone in your hand to read whatever info is offered.

Customized programs are also available, but you will have to pay extra for these premium features.


This is one very versatile app, as it’s meant for all running levels. You can be a veteran runner with several marathons behind you, or you can be an absolute newbie to running.

In fact, you can use this to track your progress in other routines such as hiking and biking. It offers a lot of features, it’s very accurate (which isn’t true for a lot of running apps out there), and it’s even easy to use.

This app allows you to set your own goals and you can monitor your progress. It features a very accurate GPS so you can track your pace, distance covered, and overall time, and you also get pre-created routes.

Personalized training routines are also available, and you get convenient reminders along the way. This will even sync with Fitbit, Apple watch, and other devices and apps.


The name of the app might lead you to think that it only gives out routes, but that’s just one of its features. Yes, it finds routes for you and offers maps that are easy to read. But this app also offers audio coaching and helpful data analysis. It’s actually one of the most comprehensive apps out there.

You can use this to track your runs, and it helps you find running routes in your neighborhood or even in a new city. While you’re running, you can check your pace, speed, distance covered, and running time, and you even get audio coaching in real time.

The app syncs with other devices as well. This is so helpful that it will even tell you when it’s time to replace your running shoes. And you can also share your location with others, for safety reasons.

Running by Daily Burn

Sure, you can join a gym like Max Fitness, and work with a personal trainer when you keep running on a treadmill. But what if you need a coach for your outdoor runs? That can be a rather expensive proposition, but you can cut down on costs with this app. You can get a free trial, but even if you pay the $40 maximum, you’re getting a bargain when it comes to coaching.

This gets you audio coaching regardless of your fitness level. You just need to set your own running goal and the number of workouts you can do per week. Then the app takes over everything, telling you what to do from start to finish, including warmups.

Have fun with your runs, when you use these apps!

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