Getting Out Of Bed Is Half The Challenge Done

We have heard about the benefits of morning workouts before yet many of us still avoid them like the plague. We’re not judging because, indeed, it can be challenging to get out of bed at 6 a.m., put on your gym clothes, and head to the nearest Planet Fitness for a strenuous workout.  

Still, it isn’t a good excuse for skipping your morning workout, especially when you can adopt these tips for getting out of bed.  When you do, you have succeeded in half the challenge – the other half lies in actually getting your exercises done.

Get Your Beauty Rest

If you’re a sleep-deprived person even for just a night, you will be hard-pressed to jump out of bed as soon as your alarm rings. You will understandably want to burrow deeper into your sheets and throw your morning workout plans out the window.

So, always get your 8 hours of sleep the night before! You will then wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day – and it starts with a gym session, among others.  

Place Your Alarm Clock Out of Reach

If you can hit the snooze button with your hand while you’re lying in bed, then your alarm clock is too close! You have to move it farther away so that when it rings, you have to stand up and hit the stop button. You should also set it to the highest possible level without disturbing your neighbors so you can’t ignore its ringing or buzzing.

Just Stand Up

Once you’re up, you shouldn’t go back to bed no matter how tempting it may be. Just keep moving so that your sleepiness will wear off and you will be more alert. You should keep your focus on standing up, too, so stay away from chairs and couches.

You can perform a few stretching exercises while you’re moving from your bed to the alarm clock. This will awaken your mind and body because of the better blood circulation. You can then start on your morning workout preparations, from getting into your gym clothes to eating a small breakfast.  

You should also prepared everything related to your morning workout the night before. Many gym rats actually sleep in part of their gym gear so they feel readier than ever for the exercises ahead. You can also prepare something that you can look forward to in the morning, whether it’s your favorite workout playlist or your crush at the gym.  

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