Getting Back Into the Groove for Seniors

Who says that you’re too old to be enjoying physical exercises? For as long as you’re a relatively healthy senior adult, you can still become a regular gym-goer at a Life Time Fitness gym! You may set physical limits because of your age, physical condition, and medical history but you can still enjoy physical exercise.  

But don’t just get back into the groove of things without taking a few precautions. Keep in mind that physical exercise should involve maximum rewards and minimum risks, not the other way around. Here are a few things that you can do to achieve beforehand.  

Check with Your Doctor First

Let’s face it – you’re not the spring chicken that you were once. You must then inform your doctor when you want to begin an exercise program, even when you just want to increase your level of physical activity. You may not be suitable for certain exercises, such as running when you have a bone issue.  

You must see your doctor, too, when you have the following conditions:

  • Pain in your chest, neck, or left arm
  • Shortness of breath with increased everyday activity
  • Underlying heart condition
  • Issues with your bones and/or joints
  • Feelings of fainting and/or dizziness
  • On cardiac or blood pressure medications

These precautionary measures are a must since even brisk walking can become dangerous for vulnerable seniors. When you have your doctor’s go signal, you can make smart choices in your exercise program from the type of exercise to the duration, intensity and frequency of exercise.

Choose Your Type of Exercise Well

Most senior adults return to the gym primarily to maintain their overall physical fitness and mental health instead of giving the younger ones a run for their toned and tanned sexy bodies. If you have the same mindset, you will find that it takes off most of the pressure in the sense that a moderate cardio, flexibility and strength training exercise program will suffice. You don’t have to lift heavy weights to achieve a body worthy of Mr. Olympia, for example.

Instead, you can choose the types of physical exercise that you will actually enjoy doing three to five times a week.  Your enjoyment of the movements involved in the exercises plays a large part in your ability to stick to your exercise program.  You will, after all, be more motivated to exercise because you derive so much enjoyment from it.  

For example, you like biking but doing so outdoors may not be viable for one reason or another. Your best bet then will be spin cycling classes.  
Like with all people who want to become more physically active, taking the first step is the most crucial. You can’t achieve your fitness goals if and when you don’t start now!  

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