Get Better Results From Your Weight Training

When you’re pumping iron but you’re not getting the desired results, then you have to take a step back and rethink your program. You will likely find that there are a few, perhaps several, things that require changes so as to achieve your goals. Here are a few things that you can do in this regard.

Change Your Work Ethic

The achievement of your goals in any area of life demands hard work, first and foremost. Between putting in hard work in a consistent manner on a bad program and putting in lazy effort on a good program, you will likely do better in the first scenario. This is obviously an extreme example but hard work is important in your weightlifting success

Just ask the bodybuilders and weightlifters whom you consider to be successful and their answers will always be the same: Your work ethic plays a significant part in your success! You can control your work ethic but you have lesser control over your body, much less your genes, so focus on it.  

Lessen Your Over-analysis

More often than not, many people become lazy because of over-analysis – or as experts say it, paralysis by analysis. Basically, you can succumb to analyzing the perfect diet plan and training program so much so that you’re virtually not doing anything! You just keep on searching for the perfect plan but you can’t find it because there’s no such thing as the perfect plan.

Instead, you should discuss your viable options with your personal trainer at David Barton Gym. Keep in mind that you want the right diet and training program, not the perfect one because you’re not likely to get it anyway.  

Again, just do it! Hard work is more important than theoretical analysis.

Audit Your Techniques

Being your own worst critic has its benefits in weight training. You will be more critical and, thus, aware of your form and technique. You can then make the necessary changes so as to get the best results from each movement.

A few things to remember when auditing your lifting techniques:

  • Place maximal stress on the muscle while minimizing the stress on its associated connective tissues, tendons and joints.
  • Start the rep with the target muscle in a fully stretched position and end it with the muscle in a fully shortened position. This is particularly applicable to exercises that develop muscle size, such as chin-ups.
  • Remind yourself about the goal of each exercise and adjust your form and technique accordingly.

In conclusion, getting better results from your weight training program demands reconciling your needs and wants. You should be able to do what you need and what you like, both of which are crucial in your success.

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