Functional Workout Routine to Start Your Week Right

You most probably have downed more fat and more booze watching the games on TV the whole weekend. Now, it’s Monday morning but you’re feeling sluggish as you prepare yourself for work. Don’t let this be your routine at the start of the week, or you will grow weak and old untimely.

If you want to live a longer, happier and a more active life, there is something you must do: promise yourself to get hold of your destructive weekday habits, and start to live life more responsibly. You can start by improving your health. And here is an easy way to start your healthier and happier lifelong trip.

Ditch Unhealthy Foods

Your fitness level will largely depend on your core health, and your core health largely depends on the kind of food you eat. It is very easy to stuff yourself with unhealthy foods for the entire weekend since you can conveniently eat them without so much preparation.

But if you really want to get hold of your health and your life, you need to ditch those bowls of greasy appetizers and salty snacks as well as the belly fattening six packs. Go for the healthier food items that are composed of whole grains, unprocessed food stuffs and the like. You will receive more unadulterated nutrients in these types of foods which will make your body stronger and resistant to common diseases.

Perform Functional Exercises

These types of exercises form the foundation of the physical ability of any athlete. In other words, you can also be somewhat of an athlete if you will perform them. That will ensure that you can be off for the week with the right start.

These are really just simple movements which you can do in your own living room, but can surely boost your strength, core balance, speed and agility. With this exercise routine, you will be able to work out your abs, your heart, and most muscles in your body.

You should perform each exercise for 45 minutes preferably at maximum intensity. Take a 15-second rest in between each set of exercise. Depending on your fitness level, do as many rounds as you can.

1. Straight arm over with pushup

This routine will work on your core and upper body.

Do a pushup with one of your hands holding a stool, but your body in a straight plank position. Your other hand should be on the ground while performing the pushup. Step feet over and then switch your hand on the stool and do a push up on your opposite side.

2. Reverses pull ins

This exercise will work on your glutes, core and shoulders.

Assume a reverse straight plank position, with your heels on a stool, and your rear pulled up. Bring your heels to the rear alternately while keeping your body straight as possible.

3. Daisy cutter to donkey kick

This routine will work on your glutes, upper body and core.

With your hands on a stool, your rear in the air, and your toes on the floor, drop your knees to the ground and then press your rear back up. Propel your heels to the rear quickly and then repeat the cycle.

4. Stool dirty dogs

This exercise will work on your glutes, core and upper body.

Assume a straight plank position with your feet on a stool. Raise your rear and touch your left foot with your right hand and then go back to the straight plank position.

5. Stool squat thrust

This routine will work on your lower and upper body as well as your core.
Go to a straight plank position with your feet on a stool. Your hands should be on the ground. Jump your feet towards your hands and then return them to the stool. Remember to stop by your local gym such as 9 Round or Snap Fitness and get a membership soon as possible so you can begin your journey to healthier lifestyle.

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