Fun Workouts for Women on Their Period

Ladies really have a lot of concerns once their uterus starts exploding. We all hate the feeling our period brings because it leaves us feeling bloated, lazy, irritable, forever hungry and the list goes on and on. It can also leave us with numerous questions and this includes whether or not working out is safe during this time.

You will find a lot of contradicting studies when it comes to working out during our period. There are a few who claim that it causes our bodies harm but most studies show that it actually helps a lot. I guess listening to your body’s response during an on-your-period-workout will help determine which side you should go with.

Going in between the two different claims can also help. Performing exercises while you are on your period is actually a good thing since it helps in relieving bloating, headaches, fatigue, and anxiety. However, you should also take note that not all exercises can be good for you.

What to Avoid

What to Avoid-GymMembershipFeesUnless you want to bleed more and get more cramps you should be avoiding yoga on at least the first three days of your menstruation. But, I am not saying that all yoga exercises are bad for you during this time since there are only some poses that are a big no-no.

If you really find it hard to skip your yoga class because it is a huge part of your routine, you can just opt to skip this pose. So which pose am I talking about? The one where you need to stand on your head or otherwise known as inverted poses are the big don’ts. So just skip the plough pose, shoulder stands and headstands. Besides, you are going to rekindle with them in a matter of 4 to 5 days.

So what if you decided to skip the entire yoga class and look for a new workout that would be awesome to do with or without your period? There are a number of classes that you can choose from that you may get into even if your uterus is bleeding non-stop. But keep in mind, it would be good for you to take the day off and not force yourself to go to the gym if you’re cramping like crazy.

Awesome Workouts for Shark Week AKA Your Period

1.    Walk it Out

Walk it Out-GymMembershipFeesYou cannot go on an intense CrossFit (View Prices or View Reviews) session on your period. Please, just do yourself a favour and look away from the CrossFit sign because even fitness gurus will tell you that a hardcore routine will just be a prelude to disaster. Walking will be your BFF during this time because it will leave you free from injury.

2.    Running

Running-GymMembershipFeesIf you are not contented with walking and you want to push yourself a little higher, then you can opt to go running. The endorphins you will be releasing during this form or exercise can help get rid of those icky feelings your period has given you. But, you should remember to stay hydrated all throughout your activity because you are more prone to dehydration during your period.

3.    Aerobics/Dancing

Aerobics_Dancing-GymMembershipFeesFeeling pissed about everything because your hormones have taken (temporary) control of your life? Dance it away! Aerobics and some dance classes lets you get rid of the calories without the risk of injury plus, it would leave you feeling good after. You can go crazy all you want at the dance floor without feeling guilty about it. Join classes at YMCA or LA fitness and you might even forget you are on your period because of the enjoyment.

4.    Planking

Planking-GymMembershipFeesWe cannot deny the fact that our period turns us into lazy monsters that would just want to snuggle in bed and watch movies and TV shows the entire day. But who says you cannot get productive during these times? Continue to challenge yourself even if you are in bed by planking. Develop a plan where you hold a planking position during various times. Commercial breaks? Plank. Music plays? Plank. Do this and you will not feel sorry about spending the entire day inside the dark corners of your room.

5.    DVD Workouts

DVD Workouts-GymMembershipFeesSo what if you are on your period and have decided to go for a run but it starts raining? You will probably feel that the whole world is against you working out but you shall not fret because exercises DVDs are the solution to your problem. Since you probably feel lazy to even dress up in your gym clothes, this will really be perfect for you. Pop a DVD and you can choose how long you would be exercising.

Being on your period should not be an excuse to go on a workout-free week unless you really intend to disrupt your routine. Try the workouts listed above and you will not only lose the calories, you will also get rid of those icky things your period came with.

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