Five Quick Exercises for Busy Women

The problem with busy women is that they barely have time to squeeze in an hour of exercise every day as recommended by health experts. A hectic schedule, however, is not a good excuse to skip working out that help burn unwanted calories and tone the body. Exercise does not have to take up a huge chunk of your busy schedule at work or in your regular day routine. Short, quick exercises for a busy woman like you will do, and you can even do them all at once, or selectively perform them anytime of the day. Here are five quick gym workout moves that you can follow amidst a hectic day.

Squat Overhead Press with Leg Extension

Grab two hand weights and stand with two legs apart. Do a 90-degree squat with knees bent, with your front torso slightly bent forward, but keep your weight back on both heels. Coming out from the squat in standing position, fully extend both hands up over the head with your hand weights while making a 45-degree side extension of your left leg. Now do the same pattern and switch sidekicks between two legs. Do 15 repetitions for each leg.  

Wood Chopper

Using one hand weight, grip the edges with both your left and right hand and stand in an upright position with the weight positioned on the left leg. Now, raise the hand weight using both hands up and extend towards the left shoulder. Then, twist your body down towards the right hip or right knee as if doing a chopping motion. Let your knees and feet swivel along with your body as you twist. Make 15 repetitions for each side.

Forward Lunge with Arm Extension

Still gripping one hand weight with both hands, lunge forward at 90 degrees on your right leg first with an upright torso and extend both arms to your front. The back heel of your left leg should be off the ground. Hold your current lunge position, and then extend your arms above your head. Hold for a count in that form before coming back to an upright position. Make 15 repetitions for each leg.

Upside Down Leg Press

Get ready to perform this exercise by starting with a crouching position, putting your weight on your left leg and touching both hands on the floor for body support and balance. Then, fully extend your right leg up to the ceiling while extending the other leg upright as well for support. Make sure that both legs are straightly extended, and your torso and arms are also straightly extended towards the floor. After a count, bend your left leg first and then the right leg back into a crouch. Perform 1 set for each leg with 15 repetitions for each set.

Tabletop Donkey Kicks

Start by getting into a tabletop position with both hands on the floor straightly extended under your shoulders, palms flat on the floor and fingers facing the feet. Work the weight of your heels back on the ground. Keep your chin up and your pelvis pushed up to create a parallel look between your torso and the floor. Holding at this position, kick out your left leg, extending your heel towards the ceiling. Go back to tabletop position and do the same for your right leg. Switch kicking both legs for 30 seconds.

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