Five High-Fiber Foods Your Kitchen Should Have If You Wish to Lose Weight

Let’s be straightforward — one of the major motivations why we vigorously exercise, and spend some cash to enrol to popular fitness programs (like that of Fitness First’s) is to lose weight. And it’s a well-proven fact that these activities do help us achieve this goal.

But, did you know that you can also really, effectively eat your way to a healthier and a fitter body?

In this feature, we’ve enumerated five highly-recommended high-fiber foods that can help you naturally cut off some pounds.

For beginners, fiber is a form of an indigestible carbohydrate found in plants, fruits and vegetables. Under its belt is a host of benefits including reducing the risk of incurring diabetes, and speeding up toxic waste elimination.

Studies say that a mere less-than-five-percent of Americans get the recommended daily dietary fiber intake (25-28 grams for women, and 30-34 grams for men). This only shows that many are still unaware of the wonders of this nutrient…or, perhaps, they are aware — it’s just that they don’t know what are the sources of it.

Well, if you’re not familiar which foods have this nutrient, this one’s for you.


Did you know that an ounce of this delicious nut can already make up 15 percent of your daily fiber requirement? But apart from that, this hunger-zapper is also rich with iron and magnesium — two other nutrients that most people are not getting enough of.


Fresh avocado doesn’t only guarantee you a magical taste — it is also packed with a significant amount of fiber and healthy fats that help diminish your cholesterol level. If you do not have a banana at the moment, this fruit also makes a great substitute as your potassium supplier.


A cup of raspberry and blackberry offers a combined 15 grams of fiber. Besides their elegant look (and sound), these berries also provide other much-needed nutrients that your body needs — for instance, vitamin K (which is good for boosting your bone density) and manganese (which helps achieve healthy skin and blood sugar level).


Coconut products are gradually becoming more popular in the community of health buffs. Well, with the roster of nutrients they boast of, they definitely deserve a spot on your plate. First off, coconut offers an average of seven grams per cup. Apart from this, it also has a low glycemic index that makes it easy to incorporate with to your weight-loss diet.

It is also reported that in places where coconut is a staple food, fewer people had a case of heart disease and high cholesterol level.


Grains are known as good sources of fiber, but only a few of its kind is also gifted with other vital health-boosting nutrients. A cup of cooked quinoa contains about five grams of fiber. The grain’s nutritional resume also includes B-6, magnesium, potassium, and iron.

So, next time you’re dropping by the supermarket, don’t forget to take with you these high-fiber superfoods. Eat them with pleasure without having to worry if they are a hindrance to your road to a slimmer and healthier body!

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