Fitness Tips: How To Find The Motivation To Exercise

Everyone has that feeling at times; wanting to get a bit fitter, look a bit better, or simply feel better in their own skin. This is an ongoing challenge for many, with some people seriously finding the battle between motivation and actually exercising an impossible one to win.

If you are looking to get in shape or improve your fitness, you’re probably looking to start exercising. Whether it’s your first time hitting the gym or you’re trying to get back at it, finding the motivation can be hard. Here are a few key tips to help you find the motivation to exercise.

Start With Small Goals

One of the biggest mistakes people make with their fitness goals is looking too far ahead. It’s nice to visualize that six-pack or huge bench press, but it’s going to take time to get there. You can’t go to the gym three times and suddenly look and feel like an athlete! Focusing on these long-term goals can actually be off-putting when you realize how far down the line they may be! Instead, focus on short-term or small goals like increasing your treadmill pace week to week or lifting 1kg heavier every session. These small goals feel great and help keep you motivated to return to the gym or your fitness regime. 

Try an App

If you need motivation and routine planning, there are tons of apps on both Google and Apple’s respective app stores. Apps like the Spartan app give you free workouts to try from home, while others offer gym workout ideas. These apps can help you get inspired to work out, with whatever equipment you have available. Using an app like this will give you carefully constructed workout plans, taking away any stress of wondering whether you’re doing the right kind of exercise. 

Make it Routine

When you want a habit to stick, one of the best things you can do is force yourself to make it into a habit. Make exercise part of your weekly routine, setting aside time for exercise 3-4 days per week. Write it in your diary or calendar, so you know you have the time available and earmarked for exercise. This way, you eliminate the possibility of finding excuses to not exercise. After a few short weeks, you’ll find that exercise is forming into a nice, regular habit.

Follow a Program

Alongside apps, you could decide to pay for a training program of some kind. If you go to the gym, you will be able to book a slot with a personal trainer, who can take you through an exercise program and help you plan your daily and weekly routines. If you work out from home or do other exercises like running or swimming, you can buy pre-planned training programs online. Buying a program may seem like a bit of a leap, but many people find that purchasing a program gives them more of an incentive to complete it. Plus, you often receive tailored nutrition advice to go alongside your regimen, helping you to look and feel great much quicker.

Don’t Focus On Others

A huge mistake that many people make when trying to get fit is focusing on others. Thinking about how great other people look or how fast other runners run does not help you improve. Instead, it often makes you feel inferior or underwhelmed by your own achievements. Instead, focus on what you have achieved. Focus on the small victories mentioned earlier, the little improvements. These achievements should help you recognize your progression and help you feel more inspired to keep on training.

Try and Eat Well

Finally, it’s worth focusing on your diet while you are trying to get fit. Everyone knows that processed junk food is bad for them, but often still eat it anyway. You may have heard the adage, “you can’t out-train a bad diet.” This is quite often true! If you’re hitting the gym or the running track 5 days a week but eating a liter of ice cream every night, you probably aren’t going to see the results you desire! Focus on eating whole foods with lots of greens and plenty of protein. Before you know it you will feel amazing and your training will improve greatly. If you want results quicker, tackle that diet.

These simple tips will help you get back into exercise while making you feel great about yourself. Focus on those small victories and improvements, eat well, and train hard. Before you know it, exercise will be part of your life.

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