Exercises to Eliminate Your Muffin Top

Exercises to Eliminate Your Muffin Top

Muffin top refers to the accumulation of fat in the lower belly, right above the hips. If you’re wearing jeans, this extra fat may spill out resembling that of a muffin above its paper cup hence the term. Generally speaking, a muffin top comes from 2 kinds of fat – visceral fat (layer of fat that surround the organs in the abdomen) and subcutaneous fat (the fat you see just below the skin).

Factors that contribute to a muffin top are:

1. Poor Diet

Consuming excess calories every day can lead to fat accumulation in the the midsection.

2. Heredity

Genetics also play a role on where and how fat is stored or used in your body.

3. Stress

Anxiety, distress and worry could result in muffin top due to emotional eating. Stress also triggers the body to release cortisol which tells the body to store fat particularly in the midsection.

4. Lack of exercise

Not exercising puts you at risk of consuming more calories than what you need, which over time, will result in fat accumulation.

5. Lack of sleep

The chronic lack of sleep is often associated with higher body mass index, wider waist circumference, and fat storage in the midsection.

Losing your muffin top is possible but it takes a lot of hard work and patience. Here are some exercises that have been found effective in getting rid of muffin tops.

1. Candlestick Dipper

Get down on your knees with your back straight and engage your core. You may want to put some cushioning under your knees.

Now straighten your left leg to one side keeping the knee straight. Raise both hands overhead and bind your fingers with the index and middle fingers joined similar to Charlie’s Angels pose. Bend your torso at the waist towards the right side and go as low as possible. Hold the position for 10 seconds. Do the same with the opposite side and repeat 15x.

2. Hip Dips

Start in a plank position with your core engaged. Bend your elbows and lower into a forearm plank. Roll to a right side plank and stack your left leg over your right, with your left hand on your hip. Dip your hips to the floor slowly and lift back up. Do 10 dips on each side.

3. Butt Lift

Butt lifts tone your butt, lower abs and obliques, and get rid of your muffin tops. To do this workout, lie down on your back knees bent and both feet flat on the floor. Lift your butt up until your knees and shoulders are aligned. Lower down slowly and repeat 15x.

4. Hip Twists

This exercise can trim down your waist like you never thought possible. To do this, start with a forearm plank with your body in a straight line. Twist your hip to the right side and touch your right tip to the floor. Then twist to left side and touch your left hip to the floor. Do 20 reps.

5. Russian Twist

Russian Twist not only shreds your muffin top but also strengthens your abs and tones your obliques. Sit on your bottom with knees bent and both feet pressed into the ground. Lean backwards a bit. If you have some weights you can use them too. Otherwise, your join your hands together.

Twist your torso and rotate your hand (or dumbbell) from side to side.

Do 20 reps.

Chloe Ting’s workout to get rid of muffin top:

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