Everything You Need to Know about Piloxing

Everything You Need to Know about Piloxing

Have you tried taking a Piloxing class yet at your local gym? This is the workout you need when you’re bored out of your skull with your current running or cycling classes. Piloxing is definitely a fun class that you’ll look forward to, as it combines 3 of the most popular workouts around: Pilates, boxing, and dancing.

Benefits of Piloxing

This may be a relatively new type of workout class, but it has grown increasingly popular. A number of gyms, such as the Las Vegas Athletic Club, now offers it. Nowadays, as many as 1.5 million do Piloxing regularly, spread out in gyms in 92 different countries.

It’s a sure bet, and here are some reasons why you’d want to try it:

It Really Burns Calories

If you’re trying to lose weight, then this is one workout that should interest you. It’s more effective than swimming or running at burning off calories, since Piloxing can burn off twice as many calories in the same time frame as those 2 classic workouts. In fact, you can burn off as many as 1,200 calories an hour with Piloxing.

It’s Fun

This is the other main advantage of Piloxing. It’s not boring at all, and it’s quite fun. There are very few workouts that people actually look forward to, and Piloxing is one of those.

It Tones Your Muscles

This will define your muscles nicely, without having you bulk up. This should please a lot of women especially, who may not want to look too masculine with bulging muscles.

It Boosts Flexibility and Balance

You’ll do a lot of stretching movements with Piloxing, and that should eventually improve your flexibility. It will also strengthen your core, and that’s a sure way of improving your balance.

Stress Relief

Working out regularly helps to reduce stress, and that’s certainly true with Piloxing. After all, it incorporates boxing movements, and hitting movements are very satisfying at letting you vent whatever tension you’re feeling. And then you can just dance and dance your cares away.

What to Expect

So, what happens at these workouts? Here are some things you can expect at these workouts, along with some tips that can help:


You will need some comfortable clothes that let you move around freely. It’s best if they’re made with moisture-wicking materials, as you will definitely sweat. A pair of loose-fitting sweatpants will do, along with a fitted shirt. A loose sweater or a hoodie will also be good for the warmup portion.

Tennis shoes or sneakers will do fine for the most part, although some variations of Piloxing go with grip socks or even bare feet. Ladies should wear a supportive sports bra. A towel and a bottle of water will be great, to deal with all that perspiration.

A Typical Piloxing Class

Different gyms (and different teachers) may have their own versions of how their Piloxing classes will go. Even the time periods can be different. Some classes go for only 15 to 30 minutes, but they’re mostly filled with more high-intensity movements. Others may take a bit longer, from 45 to 60 minutes.

But in general, these classes go something like the following:

Warmup Session

This is the rather short period of moving and stretching, to prepare your body for the main workout. It will limber up your muscles, and also start to get your heart rate going.

Main Workout

For the most part, the sessions are made up of several short time frames of intense exercise. You’ll alternate between Pilates, boxing, and dancing, though the specific sequence may be different for each class.

Cool Down

Once the main workout is done, the instructor can then help you wind down from the intensity of the workout. You’ll again do some stretching movements to relax your muscles, and other gentler movements to get your heart rate down slowly.

You will need to drink water afterwards, to compensate for all the lost fluids due to all that sweating. And a piece of fruit or even an energy should help to let you regain some energy.

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