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Jun, 2024. Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

The Equinox personal trainer cost may seem steep at first glance but don’t be discouraged by it. You have to look beyond the quantitative (i.e., dollar amount) and consider the qualitative aspects, such as the professionalism of the personal trainer and the results he can deliver, to get a clearer picture.

By the way, Equinox Fitness was established by the Errico family on September 1991. The American luxury fitness company actually operates four distinct fitness brands – Equinox, Blink Fitness, PURE Yoga, and SoulCycle – with more than 135 locations in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The company itself is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Related Companies.

The Benefits of an Equinox Personal Trainer

Emphasis must be made that an Equinox personal trainer isn’t your run-of-the-mill personal trainer. Every Equinox personal trainer was chosen based on a strict criteria of professional credentials and personal attitude. Every one possesses an excellent skillset borne of their extensive education, training and work experience as well as a customer-centric approach.

You, the client, can rely on your Equinox personal trainer to be with your every step of the way in the gym – no slacking off, no use of smartphones during the session, and no distractions allowed. You can, as they say it, keep crushing it because you have the best personal trainer who knows what he’s doing.

The Equinox client-personal trainer relationship is about achieving the desired results via a customized program agreed on by both parties. The program itself is designed with your individual needs including your present physical condition, lifestyle, and fitness goals in mind, which are also backed by the latest in science and technology. The results: You, the client, will achieve your goals within the timeframe – and that’s exactly what you’re paying the personal trainer for!

The Personal Training Tiers

There are several tiers available in the personal training program. Every client can choose the tier he wants to be in, from Tier 1 to Tier X, although we must emphasize that it’s a progression – the higher the tier, the more physically fit you should be and the more experienced your personal trainer will be. You have to exercise drive and determination, too, at each tier.

The highest tier is Tier X, which the company touts as the most advanced and toughest fitness coaching program. This isn’t just about physical exercise although it’s the main component. Instead, it’s also about health and wellness, about transforming the way you feed and move your body, and about physical and mental training without limits.

Equinox gyms are among the swankiest fitness facilities in the United States so clients can expect luxurious facilities and amenities, as well as excellent customer service, especially from the personal trainers. The members have to pay anywhere between $200 and $300 for initiation fees, and $160 to $250 in monthly fees. The cost for the personal trainer is another matter but you can be sure that you will get the best value for your money.

In the final analysis, the Equinox personal trainer cost is a price that every member is willing to pay because the results are more than enough!